Dealing with Saint-Louis handles

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  1. We have probably heard enough bad review of Saint Louis esp with regards to its handles.

    I seldom use my Saint Louis. In fact, I have probably not used it during the last 6 month.

    Today, I decided to bring one out from storage. Alas, the handles were sticking to the wrapping paper and I can see colour transferred to the storage bag. When I tried to peel off the paper from the handles and wipe off the stick-on paper, the colour transfer got even messier!

    Time to call my mum for help!

    She advised that it’s probably due to the humid, wet raining season that has caused the problem. The stickiness is due to sealant / resin .....

    After her tips to press hard the handles with dry kitchen towel and apply baby powder on sticky areas, the situation seems to be much better, abeit residue and unevenness on handles.

    See pics attached.

    Hope this helps for others who face similar situation
    IMG_1516430527.105187.jpg IMG_1516430543.712070.jpg
  2. That's unfortunate. Have you checked to see if you have any problems with your other bags and handles?
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    Fortunately, the other bags are OK.

    My family has 3 Saint Louis that we share and store together at same place - a navy blue, grey and back/tan.

    Only the navy blue’s handles ‘melted’. Ironically, navy blue is the newest.

    I will use a handle strap cover in case the colour transfer to my shirt.

    Anyway, I can only blame for the humid condition and my lack of care. Also, I will not consider getting any Saint Louis or models of similar handles in the future....

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  4. Oh no. Have you tried leather cleaner? I don't use liquid cleaners but wipes since they are more gentle.
  5. I didn't try using the leather cleaner but did try using the baby wipes...but the color transfer persisted (i should have taken a photo of the wipes stained with color !) and side of the handle remained sticky.
  6. I believe it is the edging paint that they used to use (it looks like it is not being used now based on my new St Louis see below picture - my handles are more like my Artois handles).

    So I do think the handle qualitiy has improved should you decide again in the future. I would let a SA take a look the melting is rather..more of an issue since it is like the finish is degrading.

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  7. Thanks for sharing. I can see the difference. Hope you are enjoying your new Saint Louis.
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  8. I haven't used it yet. :smile: Well I used the pouch as a little wallet while on a business trip. I wish you luck in resolving your issues. Its so unfortunate after spending so much money to have this happen.
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  9. Yikes! Sorry you experienced that! :sad:
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  10. I had the same issue on two of my bags. The first one was after 5 years so I simply had the handles changed, the second one was few months old I went to Goyard and they changed the handles free of charge.

    I was very happy about it until ... it happened again. They are aware of the problem and told me they were working on a better solution instead of just changing the handles for me.

    Thought I'll share even though the thread is few months old.
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  11. I'm so happy I stumbled on this. I thought I was the only person experiencing this issue. I have the light blue (cobalt looking color), gray and green and all 3 transfer to my clothing. All 3 stick to the sleeper bag, straps stick to one another, you can literally rub the leather off the strap or whatever material they use. smh.
    Goyard told me they would have to send my bags to Paris to do a quality test, wth???? I purchased my blue tote from Goyard at 63rd street in NYC and the other 2 from Barneys also in NYC. Why the heck do you need to send it all the way to Paris to do a quality check?? There's no reputable place in the US.. Just rub the straps against any fabric and you'll see the transfer. The gray ruined a black dress and a cream colored blouse. The blue and green ruined a tan jacket and white shirts. I'm so upset and then to be told my 3 bags would have to go to Paris for God knows how long; I just left the store. I know i'll have to eventually send them if I'd like to use my bags again. So frustrating!!!.
  12. This makes me sad.
  13. You should ask them to send it to Paris to be repaired. Goyard is aware they have a problem with the handles. It also ruined some of my clothes and from my understanding they have made changes to handles to tackle the problem. Mine took about 2 weeks to be repaired. Hope this helps
  14. Pay or free
    Since its their quality problem right?
  15. When it happened to my 5 year old white goyard St Louis I paid for it, thinking it was my wear and tear. But then it happened to my grey Saint Louis after 3 months this time I said I wasn't going to pay for it, so they made the changes for free. It happened again to the grey one and this time again for free. That said, they said they changed the coating so hopefully it won't happen again.
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