Dealing with rude buyers

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  1. I've been selling on eBay - it's more of an addiction than a business, really. I just enjoy finding great clothes on sale. But lately, it's been very stressful and I am thinking of calling it quits. I have more and more buyers responding with rude, unreasonable demands and threats for no reason. I had one guy who was upset that his packaged got delayed by USPS for 2 weeks and started demanding his money back writing something like 'Look retard, give me my money back right now! I am really pissed off.... blah blah" I get more and more of these emails with name calling and stuff like that. What's the right way to deal with this? I tried not responding but then they get more frustrated that they don't receive immediate response. I guess it has to do with the products I sell - they are mostly worn by young guys and many are just immature. I know I am not supposed to take it personally, but I don't know how not to. Any advise?
  2. Some buyers suck, plain and simple.

    To specifically address the shipping issue, how are you shipping out packages? As a buyer, I hate it when sellers send first class because it can take so long. I always send everything priority mail with delivery confirmation. It takes about 3-4 days.

    BTW, you don't have to refund your rude buyer, especially since your package made it there safely.
  3. Good grief, if I found out my son behaved that way, I'd tan his hide, I don't care if he is 6'4" tall, there's no excuse for that.
    I had a man take almost $1000.00 & send me a fake Chanel & I always kept my dignity, even though I want to reach thru the computer & throttle him.
    Sorry you're dealing with this, I don't blame you for being fed up.
  4. Wow, how rude! You can also maybe forward the emails to eBay and report them for harrassment.

    Lorih- I didn't think first class took that long? I ship my lighter items that way (with tracking) and they seem to get there just as fast as Priority. For me, Parcel Post and Media Mail are the ones that take the longest.
  5. I think that buying delivery confirmation and then giving them the number might help ameliorate the situation; then they can't blame you, it's out of your hands, and they know that the package is in the mail.
  6. I agree with this -- you should always include delivery confirmation, no matter what the value of the item. It gives both parties peace of mind -- and if a buyer files a claim against you, you have proof that you sent the item.
  7. I have had some trouble in the past with first class and long delays in shipments, so now I just mail everything priority. I also think it gives the buyer a little more confidence in you as a seller when you send things expedited. I'm pretty confident using Priority Mail.
  8. ^Ah,ok just wondering. I give buyers the option for Priority but most just choose First Class since it's cheaper. I do always get a tracking number though and no shipments have ever been lost, thank goodness.
  9. Well, my buyers want to save money as much as possible , so I ship First Class. I wouldn't say its that bad - most items get delivered in 2-4 days, but every once in a while I get a delay. Packages to Canada almot always take from 2 to 4 weeks, but I warn my buyers about that 'cause Priority can't be tracked ( I do registered instead and to register priority would be too expensive) People get aggravated for different reasons- one buyer was pissed 'cause the shirt had teared edges when it clearly stated in the description that it's part of the design - I was to blame for what he thought was my fault. Anyway, I just don't know how to react to this.
  10. Well, he had DC which stated the item was 'processed' and he wanted me to tell him why he still hasn't received it. After he received the item, he is still unsatisfied because it took so long and keeps sending me nasty e-mails - I am pretty sure I'll get a negative as well.
  11. People are just getting to be loonies on eBay lately!!!! I am so glad I have 3 high-end items left. 1 is in transit, 1 is awaiting payment, and 1 needs to sell. After that I'll go back to selling small $ items!