Dealing with rain & scarves

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  1. I personally don't wear scarf when it rains. Did you try?
    Has rain (or snow) ever ruined your scarves?
    Let's thread started!
  2. Why not?
    They are meant to wear..!
  3. Because Hermes says "Preserve the beauty of your silk. Store your item flat and untied. Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals, and entrust it to a specialized professional for cleaning."...
    Did you meet any problem (no stain or mark)?
  4. I use them as per normal and like
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    They really are head scarves for wearing in all weathers. If you lived in an area of pronounced acid rain you might have a problem but I've never had an issue in 25 years of wearing my scarves in rainy Manchester.

    You should regard the lovely message to protect your scarves and dry clean them as Hermes covering its back in case of mishap. I used to dry clean mine but found I did a more satisfactory job just handwashing them - and its saved me a small fortune. In due course after normal wear some stains will hang around no matter how you try to get them out. The trick is to learn how to treasure your scarves without babying them. If you feel the need to keep them pristine then you can't ever take them out of the box.
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  6. +1 There used to be a problem with older scarves as some of the dyes were not stable. This has changed, you should be fine with current scarves.
  7. Since scarves can be washed in water., I don't really think about rain.
  8. Thank you for posting this.
    I too am hesitant about silk and rain.
    I have a good LV scarf collection, but only one H silk since I read the instructions and took it literally to mean don't wear in rain.
    I too live in the UK, and rain is a constant hazard.
    Good to hear other members positive thoughts and that I am being too cautious with H silk.
  9. I damaged my plisse/pleated scarf by wearing it in light rain. Some pleats are flattened. It's an expensive lesson for me.
  10. I have worn mine in rain, but tuck it into my coat or jacket. Haven't had any problems yet, but the warnings worried me.
  11. Wear them and enjoy them, I also hand wash my scarves.
  12. I don't wear my silks in the rain. While hand washing is fine for a lot of silks, I don't want any water spots from rain. There is also the issue of the unstable dyes on the older scarves.

    I do, however, wear my CSGMs in the rain - worn inside my coat.
  13. If it was pouring down rain, I probably wouldn't wear one or would remove it and tuck it into my purse. Otherwise, covering it up with my coat is usually enough.

  14. I want to try this! How do u do this? What soap do you use? Do you air dry them flat or hanging?
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    There's are a few scarf washing discussions in various threads if you search long enough, but this could give you a start.

    For the original question, I wouldn't wear a scarf in a heavy rain, but if it gets a little water on it, well, I'll just hand wash it if it gets a spot. Water marks are just water marks, they aren't a permanent stain (unless the dye runs) and so if you wet it evenly all over, pat it and dry it out, they go away. But I still wouldn't wear a scarf in a heavy rain or an old one I didn't know if the dye was stable on, and probably that goes for dip dye too. Just common sense stuff.

    I've hand washed a few of my mousselines and then dried them with an iron on low to keep them from getting crepe-y and that's been fine.