Dealing with picky-eaters...

  1. I have a 16 month old baby girl and it's been hard making her eat what I give her. I have pediasure as a standby because I'm just worried she's not getting enough nourishment.

    Any tips ladies?
  2. What types of foods are you giving her?

    What does she like and not like?

    I found one of the things that really worked with picky eaters was making the eating fun. A girl I used to babysit for never liked to eat fruit, but her mother insisted that she have at least 2 pieces a day. So we decided to make a game out of eating apples. I would cut them up into slices and I gave her raisins, and cut up grapes and she decorated her apples before eating them.

    Same thing with spaghetti. She hated spaghetti, but once you called it worms in red dirt she loved it! :nuts: haha, crazy kids. Hannah (the girl I am talking about) was around 2.5 as I cared for her
  3. I have 3 kids...two are extremely picky eaters!! 10 year old won't eat his food if any of it touches on his plate!! He also has been known to throw-up when trying a new food...just because it grosses him out!! My 5 year old is also extremely picky!! I tend to give them both the things that they like...and hope for the best!!
    It has gotten better with time...and their menu choices have expanded...I just kept giving them what they like...and every once in a while would add something new to the plate!!
    I think this is a very normal worry among tons of parents...but my doctor assured me that my kids wouldn't starve...and so far she has been right!!! I would recommend putting a small portion of only one or two things on the plate...maybe that will help your baby not be too distracted!!!
  4. My 11 yo step son is the pickiest eater in the world. Like Annemerick's he makes himself throw food up--it's all mental. Anyhow, with him I find it is all the attitude. If his dad or aunts don't like the food he gets it in his mind that he doesn't like it either (even when he hasn't tried it) and starts pretending to be sick, makes himself sick, etc. I am working on this because it is driving me NUTS! My 18 month old daughter eats EVERYTHING! She eats lettuce, ethnic vegetables, fruits, meats, bascially will eat anything you putin front of her. Early on we tried to make eating a positive expereince. Didn't force anything on her or over-stress her during feeding. Not sure if she's the way she is because I bascially eat anything and everything (parents raised us to try everything) or what.

    If you're worried about her not getting enough nutrition you can bring her to the pediatrician to check her weight to make sure she's getting enough food. In general it would be a good idea to ask your pediatrician for tips and advice. Good luck!
  5. When I make fried rice, she'll sometimes have a spoon or two.. but she'll usually pick the cubed carrots and peas. Other days she won't have any of it except for cheese cubes and crackers. She does like fruits but she prefers it when I throw it all in the blender. :sweatdrop: I'm afraid that she's filling up on this and not much else.
  6. Her pedia said she's in the normal range but I still would like a little more meat in her:shame:
  7. i still am the pickiest eater and the Dr used to tell my mother, no child will starve in the presence of food.
    give her plenty of what she likes and then start to faze in new foods. DO NOT obssess over it, that could lead to an unhealthy relationship with food in the future.
  8. Do you all eat meals together? We have a rule that everyone is seated at the table for dinner before anyone can start eating and that includes the babies in their high chairs. My 20 month old will try anything in front of her. We never forced it on her, just put her food in front of her like everyone else and let her pick what she was eating. It wasn't a big deal whether she ate it all or just a little. Eventually she learned to eat it all.
  9. My son was somewhat picky when he was 5-6 years old, and did not like vegetables. I got a bread machine and started making pizzas with lots of different toppings. He'd scarf down a whole lot of broccoli or spinach as long as it was on his pizza!

  10. Eh, I don't like rice either - so I can't blame her on that one! lol

    Does she like chicken? I'm not sure how you serve food to her, but we used to make home made "chicken nuggets", which was basically cut up chicken breast in a pan that the kids could dip into ketchup. Simple, fun, and a way to get meat in their tummys.

    Fruit smoothies are good! Easy way to get the vitamins & minerals without the boring form of an apple, orange, banana, etc :smile:
  11. I bribe my son to eat veggies. I'm not going to lie.
  12. She does like chicken nuggets but she won't finish more than 2 small pieces. After her second piece, she'll be playing with it or throw it around.

    There's no forcing DD. :nogood: She would pretty much throw a fit if I did. I just wish she would eat more solids than smoothies.
  13. OMG, that's my 4 year old son! He will literally gag and vomit if he eats something new or odd to him! He eats only a handful of things and his diet is definitely not balanced. He does not eat ANY veggies other than the tomato sauce on his cheese pizza, and he eats only 2 fruits: pears and bananas. :rolleyes: We've been struggling with his pickiness ever since he started on solids as a 7 month old. He was picky even then!

    My pediatrician says the best thing to do with picky eaters is REPEATED EXPOSURE. And also - NEVER force food on a child, otherwise it will become an "issue" and the child will start to dread mealtimes. So at every meal, put at least one thing you know he'll definitely eat on the plate, along with some new foods that he won't eat. Keep putting bits of those same new foods on his plate at subsequent meals, and eventually -- whether it's 10 mealtimes or 1000 mealtimes later -- he might try it!

    My ped says she's never heard of a case of a baby/child starving himself to death, so rest assured that his overall health is probably just fine! Eventually, you can give your baby multivitamins by Flintstones (they're like gummy bears) 2 year old and 4 year old love them!
  14. Such a great thread!! I have a picky 3 year old too :smile:
  15. I have picky eaters too but my SIL told me that her ped says that most toddlers eat about one whole adult size plate of food during a week. Also, unlike adults kids basically will eat when they are hungry. Mine are usually only good for about 2 meals and they do best with bfast. I don't worry about it too much, I was a picky eater for years. I think I only ate cereal from ages 4 to 8 and I am still here at 38.