Dealing with overkill? Must not buy another tote!

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  1. I need to be strong! Valley Fair has the Damier Azur GM Cabas in. I knew I was going to love this bag! Played with it at the holiday party, is so cute....tons of pockets inside, cute pouchette comes with it! Love it!

    But I more than do not need it...I mean let's face it, there is I don't need it and then there is gluttony.

    For large totes, I already have:
    Antigua GM, blue
    Antigua GM, rose
    Antigua GM, brown
    Aureila GM, MC white
    Cabas Alto, mono
    brentwood, vernis brentwook
    Cruise 2005, Globe shopper, MM, Blue

    Cerise 45
    white mc 45
    mono 50

    I also have 4 large coach totes (I know some of you don't like coach, but I do, and I do use them):
    Blue optic
    White optic
    red pebbled leather

    Ack! I wish it wasn't so cute! This is taco's pm...and it is TDF!


  2. Well, there is need and there is want it, no, you def don't need it! :P
    If you love it and will use it, I say go for it!
    Obviously, you love the tote style, so that's your thing....go with it!
  3. That is the only bag of the Azur line that I like. I just wish it wasn't so huge. It's more of a beach bag imo. Stay tough.
  4. OH MY....Its so damn GORGEOUS!! Its kind of a must have kind of thing!! LOVE IT!
  5. got so many big bags..well, damier azur is so GORGEOUS..may be you should let go some of the bags you don't use that often ..that bag is TDF!!! Gosh, I am not helping..LOL
  6. To many totes? NAH! Buy the damn thing!
  7. ^I'm with Selena on this one, it's obvious you love the style!!!
  8. It looks huge, but I like the straps in combination with the Azur pattern. Stay strong...I think.:whistle:

    What else did they have in at Valley Fair?
  9. If you use all the totes you own, than you might as well get the azur!
  10. just follow your heart twinkle.tink..
    If your :heart: still insists to buy it, just go for it!or u'll regret it..
    but if it says that you dont really want it, then turn it down..hehe...

    anyway, i like it!!!!!
  11. I agree, if you're going to use it you should get it! Also azur is refreshingly different from the lines you currently own :smile:
  12. You obviously love go for it! ;)
  13. It is a beautiful tote. :drool: I love it. :heart: I was told by a SA that it is a limited (or seasonal?) style, so you have to get it. lol. And by the way, you will have to get the sandals (flip-flops) to match. I hope that you get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:
  14. It's gorgeous, get it!!!!!
  15. LOL...I do have the sandals on order, but they're not in yet. But they will go with the blue antigua ;)