Dealing with office favoritism: should I lean in or get out?

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  1. Everyday I hear one guy out of my 4 senior accountant peers praised. His boss always loudly exclaims literally "oh my god igor you're so smart" for small things...the type of things I get no credit for. Like he will show her a keyboard shortcut and it turns into "wow igor oh my god you are so smart!". Meanwhile if i do that i get a hushed "oh i didnt know you could do that". I used to think the way she spoke to him was who needs to be told how smart they are at work daily? But I think everyone thinks he is a super hero now.

    When he does something with any visibility to the controller she always bubbly chirps "thank you igor!" and I cant remember the last time anyone at work has thanked me in such an exuberant way...i am lucky to just get a "thanks".

    Even my own boss...I created a report that speeds up my reconciliations and she actually asked me if Igor created it. I had to tell her I did even after I already told her I created this report weeks ago.

    I trained Igor how to post intercompany JEs in our new system and afterwards his boss was calling him the intercompany JE expert that very day after I have been doing them for months before he started. I dont know if he is telling people this stuff and taking credit for everything or if they just assume.

    This person is the new assistant controllers favorite and she contantly talks about how great he is often which I think is why he became the office golden child over the past few months. Everyday she greets him by literally singing his name while days can go by without her acknowledging me or the other seniors. Before she became assistant controller this guy had a bad relationship with the old assistant controller, always arguing, and he was lazy never doing extra and spent hours on personal calls at his desk. But the new assistant controller and him are from the same region of the world and prefer speaking in their native toungue with each other and no one else on the team can.

    Meanwhile there are two slots open for promotion. I am sure he will get one of them...he changed his attitude for the new assistant controller and they were friends before she joined our team. He got all the selfpromotion skills and she has got his back and gives him the high visibility work.

    I feel like I should apply for the other role but I dont know if I can appreciate always coming in second to a guy that knows the same as me the only thing he has over me is being work besties with the assistant controller and self promoting as often as he can. Also, being rejected for the other opening would be rough for me and embarrassing.

    Should I apply for promotion even though I am invisible and not the office favorite? Or should I just quit?

    Also, I am at the point where to get a manager role externally might br difficult so my option would either be a lateral role with higher pay and more visibility or staying where I am as the invisible hard worker who never gets thanked or praise and always comes second place.

    The accounting and finance groups are small at my job and I'm afraid I cant move across divisions without moving across the country.
  2. I would ignore Igor and pursue what you want to pursue. If you do that and still feel you won’t move ahead at this job them leave but you don’t have any information at this point to suggest that you can’t move ahead here. Also going after the promotion is a great chance to sell yourself. Right now Igor is just a sideshow.
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  3. Including my teens I’ve been working now for over 30 years. Every job has its dynamics - there’s always favorites, slackers, hard workers, kind hearted, mean spirited, black sheep, gossipy, etc etc. it’s everywhere in every job unless it’s a tiny co or you’re self employed. Don’t let them get under your skin. Apply for the promotion and if you don’t get it on merit start looking for options if you’re not happy.

    Be thankful you’re not being mistreated like many are. (Doesn’t sounds that way anyway). It sounds a little envious which can lead to resentment whether it’s justified or not.
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  4. If Igor is the worst thing about your job, I say apply for the promotion. I once worked someplace with rampant favoritism: some coworkers were promoted multiple times a year. But I always felt I was treated fairly despite that -- I was happy with my salary, raises, bonuses, etc... and I also liked my job and coworkers (even the ones who were favorites) -- so I didn't let it bother me.
  5. This may not last forever. While he may be her favorite now she may eventually leave or he may have a new boss who does not flatter him for every move.
    It almost sounds like some type of flirting gong on between them. I have worked in offices and people were pretty professional in office with each o5er.

    Apply for the promotion. Is it your job to help him with every skill he needs to learn? If not don’t go out of your way to make his life easy and concentrate on yourself? If you feel this job offers no advancement opportunities for yourself while others with less skills get promoted look for a company that will value your worth.
  6. Just worry about you. Go for it.

    I find that there is usually someone others consider is getting favoritism. Usually they have that “it” factor that means he will likely go far. So people treat them differently. It’s not wrong, it’s just a fact.

    Do more self promotion. Hard to do, but you have to toot your own horn more! Go girl.
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