Dealing with Bluefly

  1. Girls, if you are really convinced that Bluefly's Balenciagas are not the real deal, then I urge you to call or write to them. The more people who contact them the better.
    They wouldn't sell fake bags intentionally. They can not afford to lose their reputation over a handful of bags. They have most likely received a shipment from a store which is at fault. They need to know this so they can track where the bags came from.
    This wouldn't only help Bluefly, but fellow buyers as well. TIA!
  2. Good idea!
  3. i agree!!! I wonder if they really dont know that the balenciaga bags they're selling are fake:unsure: :wondering
  4. I already know that 2 of us have sent emails. They will deny it to us though. I can't imagine Bluefly ever admitting to anyone they *might* have sold a fake bag however, I hope they are doing something behind the scenes. I have not seen my fake Bronze one relisted. I hope they burned it!;)
  5. I just read the threads and am SHOCKED that BlueFly may have sold me a fake. I just called BlueFly about a teal classique -- the rep seemed admittingly shocked when I told her the bales were completely wrong, but would not admit that the bag was fake. :mad: What's worse, I had a paddy on the same order, and I can't just cancel the balenciaga without cancelling the paddy as well !!! The rep said that if for "whatever reason" I am dissatisfied with what I receive that I can ship back the balenciaga. WHAT TO DO??!! I am tempted to call back, cancel the whole thing, and just get a paddy elsewhere.
  6. I had a silverado & an anthracite large paddy in my order with the fake Bronze I received. I was so disgusted, I sent them all back! I know even less about Chloe than Balenciaga. I wasn't taking the chance that this could happen with thier other bags too.:sad:
  7. Acegirl, that is exactly how I feel -- disgusted. If they'll send me a fake balenciaga, then I'm already starting to worry about what could possibly be wrong with the paddy as well. What was your return experience like? How long did it take for them to credit you for the bags?
  8. It usually takes about 7-10 days for them to issue a credit. I didn't have any problems with the return process. I emailed them my concerns about the bag & the next day, I received my credit. I'm thinking that was just a coincidence though. Personally, I'm not buying any more bags from Bluefly. I don't want to stress over it:amuse:
  9. I just called Bluefly and cancelled my order for the Fendi spy hobo (didn't want to take ANY chances).

    The rep. was less than pleasant, in dealing with my reasoning, didn't even apologize OR thank me!

    This will be my first and last transaction ever with Bluefly.
  10. Order cancelled. I just don't want to deal with the hassel of returns, waiting to have a refund credited to my card, etc., when chances are good the balenciaga is a fake. Not to mention that I have already wasted enough time this morning worrying about this whole fiasco. Although I would be saving money on the paddy, this is a sign that it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe next time, but definitely not on bluefly.
  11. How scary! Ah, I just its good I didn't get a "deal" from Bluefly.
  12. Agreed!
  13. I'm pretty sure they are unaware of this incident as well -- they definitely do not intentionally sell fake bags -- but it can most definitely happen when you are dealing with a discount store, sometimes their 'suppliers' can be a bit shady, I e-mailed them too.
  14. ladies, please post contact information for bluefly (phone / email) here so we can all contact them about this