Dealing with a teen child -


Oct 25, 2012
Hi OP, I am 20 years old so not too long ago was a teenager myself, perhaps I can offer some insight.

I went through a "phase" probably from age 14-17. We had just moved across the country so I had minimal friends and I wasn't exactly being bullied but there was one girl in particular who liked to purposely exclude me. I'd always been a shy kid and then in addition to that, going through puberty, having bad acne and not having a very good run at school I guess I just slipped between the cracks. I think it's pretty normal especially for kids who are a little shy/unsure of themselves to begin with.

I think a lot of the reason for this "phase" is due to the fact that they know they are growing up and that sh*t is about to get real and it just kind of scares the living heck out of them so they want to hide from the responsibilities.

What I think you need to do is just let him be and let him do whatever he wants for the summer (within reason). Provide encouragement and support but without pressure.

I'm not saying you should let him run completely feral, but let him be a kid, let him run around LA a little bit. Let him get in to a little bit of trouble and get some life experience.

The one "activity" I would encourage him to do is get a part time job for the summer. Once again, life experience and all of that.

He hasn't got a lot of time left to be a kid, let him eat chips and watch Netflix all day if he wants to. Let him run a little bit wild in LA if he wants to. Life is for living, after all.
May 6, 2011
Hi Gremlin - thanks for your reply.

I'm feeling a little better about the year ahead... He is going to summer school and really applying himself, he is helping at home more and has a better attitude all around. We are going to move soon and I am hoping to move him to a smaller school with more choices as far as activities.

He's such a great kid, I need to remember that.