dealing w/jeans when switching between heels and flats?

  1. i usually like to buy my jeans with a longer hem (i.e. 33") so that i can wear them with heels, since i mostly own heels of at least 3"...

    recently i've gotten into flats :shame: , and find it necessary to roll up the jeans slightly so that they don't drag on the floor. this is not a very cute look! :push: i've thought about hemming some of my jeans to a shorter length, but i hate the idea of having jeans that i can only wear with a certain type of shoe, not to mention i don't want to make good-looking jeans into "flats-only" jeans...kwim? how do you guys deal with this kind of situation? or do you own only flats or only heels? or do you just bite the bullet and hem some of your jeans to go with certain types of shoes? i've actually heard people buy two pairs of the same jeans they love, and hem one pair for flats/ you guys do that?? TIA for your help!!! :yes:
  2. Personally I do not "do" flats so this would never be a problem for me.(I'm short in other words) Is there any way you could roll the hems under and iron so you have a nice sharp crease, then just tape, to create a temporary hem? Do you know what I mean? I imagine this would only be practical if it's only a little bit of fabric and not sure it would work with bootcuts if you even wear those...but then again bootcuts prolly don't look so hot with flats...anyway, that's what I would try before I resorted to the tediousness of hemming.
  3. I hem my jeans with my heels/wedges on so I KWYM! When I wear flats or sneakers, I have to let the hem drag a little :hrmm: but I don't know what else to do cuz I don't like the rolled up look.
  4. I have jeans that I specifically wear with heels and some for flats.
  5. ^Same. Usually when I shop for jeans, I can tell by the style if I will be dressing them up or wearing them casually.
  6. same here -- some jeans/pants are for heels, some for flats.
  7. I buy 2 pair of the same jean - Lucky does a regular length and a long as well.
  8. I actaully prefer all of my jeans to be a bit on the longish side, because I think it looks better on me than a shorter length. I almost always wear flats, sneakers, or flip flops. All of which have no heel. I think it looks fine to have a little extra material at the bottom of your jeans, just not 5 feet or extra material. ;)
  9. I have some jeans for heels only and some for flats only. You end up paying more for jeans but it saves a head ache.
  10. I usually wear heels, but when I want to wear flats, I make one big cuff on the bottom of my jeans--as in one fold up. I think it looks okay.
  11. I have a different pair of jeans to wear with flip flops.
  12. I am like many other posters, I have different jeans for heels and different jeans for flats.
  13. I always err on the longer side and will pay the price of dragging hems. I have short legs so I have to be careful about proportions.

    Most of mine I hem for heels but I'm going to have problems when sandal and flip flop season arrives around here...they'll be WAY too long. :sad:
  14. ^^ eee! looks like i'm going to have to make a decision and get some jeans specifically for flats...madamefifi, u also made a good point with the bootcuts - they don't look so good with flats! looks like i'll definitely need some new jeans...
  15. im short. i just walk off hems. seriously. unless i pay over $200 for them, then i will roll them if possible. its usually not. im as short as it gets.