Deal or steal?

  1. Since I am in the market for accessories I thought I could start a thread for those of use looking for help shopping on eBay for them. We can be enablers with links to some neat accessories for others to drool over as well.

    I have wanted one of those pretty flower fob's that I see on so many of the lovely bags, but can not find a deal to save my life. Until now I think. What do you think? Deal~get it or Steal~ too much! Keep in mind I do not have a Coach outlet or store anywhere near me. I could use a the money it would take to get to one and put it toward a new baby :p

    Here is the flower

    Look at this lovely :graucho:

  2. Ya, I just thought I could get some input from you girls here on the flower charm, kwim. I was unsure of how ofter you all frequent the upper part of the board :shrugs:
  3. Thoughtful of you but this thread will get merged into that board. They like to keep things where they fall under. I've had many a thread moved :yes:
  4. I heard from other TPF'ers that the flower charm is in some outlets for $9.99, however there is not an outlet close to me, so I also got mine on eBay and payed about the same price as the listing above because I just had to have it! :p
  5. Thanks Jen :smile:

    That is what sucks about not having an outlet near :sad: If gas was not so expensive I would totally drive the 1 hour 45 minutes to the nearest outlet!!
  6. we'll keep this thread open for opinions on your specific item, but we'll continue to use the thread we've already provided for any other additions to deals & steals on Coach:yes:
    Please keee this about your flower accessory question.
  7. Thank you!!
    So should I look for a cheaper one or wait bite the bullet and get this one? I am not a patient person when it comes to ebay and something I want! I have paid big $ for items that were selling for less a week after I buy it :sad: There is a sucker born every minute and I can say I am one of them at times :p
  8. That's not a bad price--the cheapest I've seen BIN for that is 22.99 (I snapped it up b/c I can't get to an outlet either). However, there have been a TON of those popping up on ebay recently so if you are willing to wait a bit you might get a bit of a better deal. Hope this helps!