Deal or no Deal?

  1. Anyone else addicted this show?
  2. I like it and try to watch it as much as I can. I don't like how it has a different time on Thursdays.
  3. DH loves it for the brief case carriers..:yes:
  4. yea, I watched it last night!
    I remember a couple of weeks ago some lady actually had the $1 million dollar suitcase and she instead decided to take the money offered to her by the banker for $351,000. Her relatives that were there supporting her were all telling her to keep going but her husband refused and got pissed and started yelling. Anyways she listened to him and basically she passed on $1 million dollars.

    If I was her..i would be pissed!
  5. i love this show, very entertaining!
  6. I LOVE IT!!!! I so want to be on the show and have my friend be my support group b/c she will tell me to take the deal according to how many bags i could buy LOL
    my father loves the girls too. he knows them by name LOL
  7. I love Deal or no Deal!!

    I'm in Germany, and they've got their own version of it - but it's God awful! :sad:

    But now that we've got American TV again (bless AFN!!), I can watch the Howie version. YAYAYAYAYA!!!
  8. congrats lamiastella on the baby :flowers: