Deal or no Deal

  1. I am like on the edge of my seat watching tonight. there are 4 cases left including the one she picked, 2 have a million dollars, the other 2 are 1000 and 400. i hope she wins! nobody tell me if they have watched this earlier! I really really want her to win the 1,000,000! the is the most excitement i had watching this show haha
  2. omg noo!!! It hasnt started for me yet...damnit why did i click on this thread! I do love this show tho...the greedy ones always end up with just about nothing.
  3. ooo i found out.... i wont say yet then.
  4. next show the person gets 11 chances to win 1,000,000, ill be watching :p
  5. I can't believe it is up to 11 $1,000,000 cases!!!
  6. i want to be the one playing for it! :biguns: haha this smiley is cute
  7. oh she walked away with 293,000 dollars or something
  8. At least she didnt get greedy like most people before her. I'm glad she got that money, she deserves it. With her whole story about her family...she should have gotten the million. I am def. watching the 11 million dollar case show.
  9. WHAT?!?! no one has won it yet?!?! somehow I think that the many million dollar cases are not helping the contestants at all. If u look at most of their final price offers, it is not that much different than from the 'regular' deal or no deal.

    But anyway, the reason I don't think its helping the contestants is because it's all mind games. They're making the contestants think that "hey..with so many millions on the board, I can easily just pick any number I want and even if its a million..there is still 9 others on the why quit now..etc etc" which then sends some them on a power trip of greed and they dont know when they should quit the game.

    I somehow think that the cash amounts are strategically placed in the briefcase...I think if u watch it close enough, u will know what i mean.
  10. I've never noticed how the briefcases are placed. There are way too many to keep track. But mt point exactly. People get greedy.
  11. I really wanted the southern girl to win - the one who had 10 $1M cases and thought she might need a passport to go to CA. She seemed like a really sweet girl. The one thing that perplexed me though was why they didn't have health insurance - I thought her hubby was active military. I hope our soldiers aren't going without health insurance!
  12. Did someone win? Last I saw there were 13 million $$$ cases. I tivo this show and it looks like it missed recording one of the shows. The next episode that recorded went back to just 1 million case.
  13. I missed it! boo! :sad:
  14. I think the 13 cases continues next week and for some reason my tivo recorded an old episode they aired. I googled around to see if anyone won and it didn't say anything.