Deal or No Deal

  1. I seen that this cute mini sac HL is for sail on the internet. I emailed the seller and she told me the date code is TH0015 and that it is a very well loved bag.And i was thinking of getting it for my 6 year old cousin. But is this bag worth $250 dollars.:confused1:
    Is $250 a good price for it or no. :smile:

    Thank You
  2. I think that's a good price for the age + condition of the bag. I paid $190 shipped for my Mini Sac + it's a few years older than the one you're looking at and it didn't come with the dustbag or lock + key (though, I ended up buying one at the LV boutique for $24). :yes:
  3. The condition from the pics look pretty good, I think $250 is reasonable. I don't know if I'd ever buy something I see on craigslists though.
  4. Let-Trade has a brand new on for $299 and is authentic. Agree with Karman, Craigslist has mostly fakes, so make sure to get it authenticated before buying.
  5. ^^^Yup, Craigslist is known for fakes! I would be sure to get it authenticated before purchasing to protect yourself.
  6. great price and still looks like its in really good shape.
  7. It looks ok but I'm also wary of Craigslist. They might be posting a real one then sending you a fake.
  8. I wouldn't buy anything Louis from Craigslist.....

  9. I agree with the others, I don't trust Craigslist either.

    I would get the one Let-Trade has for $299.

    That way you know it is definitely authentic .... plus it is in better condition.
  10. buy from a legit-seller so you wouldn't have to worry.
  11. looks great too me !!!

  12. Well if it has some age on it, why isn't the leather part....the handle and the straps that hook the handle onto the bag darker and aged as it should be??????? They are still light, and that is a big clue that it is a fake!
  13. I wonder if it is a fake or not.
  14. No that thats reall!