Deal or no deal dresses?!?!

  1. Did anyone see the episode tonight? I really really need to know who makes those pink, sparkly dresses!!! It would be perfect as my birthday dress. I think there will be another episode next week with the same dresses everyone please be on the lookout!! =) Thank you!

    I will try and post pics if I find any!!
  2. Some of the dresses are custom made... not all of them but some... I'll keep an eye out for you though! :smile:
  3. Thank you ^^...please everyone look!! I would appreciate it!
  4. The show is on right now with the dresses!!! =)
  5. idea! and its hard to even make a guessas they have used a wide range of dresses from many different brands/designers and some are custom made. So far tho, most of their dresses have been from Cache but the length has been shortened. but when do u need it by?!?! cause I think if u had more time to wait, it will probably pop up on or someone will come up with an answer
  6. Thanks for the help ^^ =) I have a couple of months yet so I hope that I can find them by then.
  7. ^^ Sometimes if there is a charity auction on eBay, you'll find the dresses being auctioned off in the movie props section, but I'm not really sure who makes them, sorry.
  8. omg, I LOVED that dress, too!! I would love to know as well!!:yes: