Deal on Ferragamo Gancio Sella Tote-$417 at NM!!

  1. For anyone looking for a great deal on this bag ($1190 retail)

    Shipping To Arlene XXXXX
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Gancio Sella Tote[​IMG]
    Price: $417.00
    Item: NMOF7_V6704
    Color: TANQuantity:
    1Gift Message:
    No Gift Note
    In Stock
    Via Standard
  2. What a cute bag!
  3. is it on the site? or is it sold out already?
  4. it was still on their site when I posted this message. Sold out two weeks ago but had some stock an hour ago when I bought mine.
  5. Darn it must be gone. I don't see it.
  6. Can you post the actual link?
  7. LadyFran, thanks for posting that. Wow, I love it. Do you know what the dimensions are for this bag? I didn't see them posted.
  8. What a classic bag! Great deal! Sure to be gone soon.
  9. If you use NMFALL you also get free shipping.
  10. WHat a beauty! Very tempting! Thanks for sharing the link and free shipping code.
  11. First post!

    I was just about to buy this bag when I decided to come over here and see if anyone had posted about it. As expected, ya'll are already on the ball! Thanks for the shipping code! Cute bag! I was so jazzed about this great deal, I also got a cute little Kate Spade as a chaser bag.... Neiman Marcus* -*foster crossing rue tote

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