Deal on Fendi Spy in Cognac

  1. I think Ive found a pretty good deal on a Fendi Spy.....on Overstock for $1,200. Dont forget to do ******, you'll get 3% cash back, and theres a coupon to save and extra 10% (new customers only). I dont know how low the price goes elsewhere, but that seems like a decent discount! Fendi Cognac Leather Spy Bag : Designer Store
  2. isn't overstock notorious for FAKES?
  3. The auctions definitely have fakes; I don't know about the "regular" store.

    I just ordered it. I'll post pics when I receive it to see if indeed it's fake. If it is, I'll return it and let everyone know. Stay tuned ...
  4. good luck!
  5. is legit. I had gotten quite a few Prada bags from them before.
  6. Overstock is legit like how Bluefly is legit
    they are actual and functional stores, but might have gotten items that they believe to be authentic but are actually not (Bluefly is notorious for this with their handbags). I don't remember if they ever sold any fake bags, but I know that they did once sold a whole lot of Tiffany necklaces that turned out to be fake.
  7. I agree with bubblevita. Since overstock and bluefly procure inventory in the shadowy liquidation world they might get bags that they don't know are fakes.
  8. Thanks. It's gone..:sad: :crybaby:
  9. I got the 2nd to last one. I'm not surprised they're gone. When it arrives I'll post pics ...
  10. Im glad you guys got one. I was excited when I saw it knowing how many of you like those. I just bought a pricey handbag, so Im cut off for a while. So was that a good price after all? Even if there is some risk of fakes, Id at least be comfortable knowing if they have a fair return policy if its a dud. Overstock has a restocking fee, which annoys me however. eBay on the other hand scares me. Id rather not buy anything expensive there. Ive gotten some good stuff in the past, and Ive gotten some really grungy stuff too!
  11. Yeah, they have a $4.95 restocking fee. It is pretty crappy but not that big of a deal for large purchases. A while ago I returned 7 DVDs (got them cheaper on eBay) and they deduced $4.95 from EACH dvd. The DVDs were only about $6.50 to begin with! They put this new policy in place after I purchased the dvds and they wouldn't give me all my money back. So I contacted the BBB, filed a complaint, and I got all my money back. Since then, I usually stay away from Overstock. I like SmartBargains better.

    And yes, it was a GREAT price for the bag -- if in fact it's real. Stay tuned ...
  12. BTW, You're welcome... :shame:
  13. :yes: My goodness, where are my manners? Thank you! :heart:
  14. Hey, no problem. will be so beautiful!
  15. I also would like to know if they sell authentic stuff. please keep us updated.
    thank you!