Deal of the Year


Sep 13, 2009
My husband & I had to take an unexpected, last minute road trip on Saturday. I said I was bummed because I had planned to drive to my outlet that day. He said that there was another outlet close to where we were going and that he was pretty sure Coach was there. I packed up my return and off we went.

I had forgotten it was a holiday weekend and was surprised at how crowded it was. I finally made my way to the deletes and there she was. Sitting all alone amongst other bags: dark teal, gathered twist small Phoebe! I've been lusting after her since she came out, but couldn't bring myself to pay full price. And being blessed, I didn't have to. With 50/20/10, and a $149 return, I paid $16.99 out of pocket ($165 + tax).

Here she is:
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I did not realize how stiff she was compared to my scarlet Phoebe. Hoping she'll soften up with use. Regardless, I am in love. This is the first time I've bought 2 of the same bag.