Deal of the day.. But didn't buy it

  1. So I was on eBay this morning and couldn't believe my eyes when four authentic LV were being sold for $330.00 or best offer!! Guess what one of them was a LV multicolor white Agenda GM!! I immediately message the seller and said why are you selling these so cheap? You can sell the agenda alone for $800.00! I didn't buy it but someone else did. so whoever bought those items got a fab deal. :biggrin:
  2. WOW! That is a STEAL! What was the seller's reason for selling at that low price?
  3. She never answered me back and I messaged her that I would feel bad buying all your LV for that price?? Am I nuts?? I have never seen that in my life. The MC large gm multicolor agenda are going for 1500 on up especially eBay. She could of made over $2200 if she sold them separately . Wow!!
  4. On a similar note someone was selling a croisette on eBay at the wknd that looked authentic, but I'm no expert and she said she wasn't sure?!?!
    She was only asking $490 for it!!
  5. I knew these were authentic caused I owned two of the four! You can find great deals on eBay if you are on 24/7! Seriously I have found so many fantastic deals but there a little thing called lots of money that I happen to be missing!! Lol.
  6. I know that feeling! It wasn't a steal like yours but I recently saw a brand new cosmetic pouch being sold for 150€ or best offer and it retails for about 250€! It was authentic, had no patina and was only 4 weeks old. Seller wrote that she wants the bigger one and so was selling it at a steal (return period had expired). I knew I would come back to it but thought 'hmmm... Let me scroll a bit more and check what else has popped up overnight!'. After about 10 mins when I went back to the pouch, it was already sold. It's anatomically impossible but I really tried to kick myself in the shin for letting it get away!!
  7. That is a great deal! I scroll every morning at 5:00am , best time to do when kids are sleeping.
  8. I have seen a few really amazing deals and lucky to get a few. Ex I purchased an eva for 150!!! I was so excited and I just purchased a limited edition leopard speedy for 800!! Sometimes you can get a great deal. I have though seen a few and was seconds too late:sad:
  9. There are always amazing deal on ebay if you are lucky to come accross one. I remember reading in chanel forum that this super lucky lady bought authentic chanel flap for $200!!

    The seller listed the bag as coach bag instead of chanel. Probably some poor husband who doesnt know that real value of his wife bag (i know lots of wives/girlfriends hides the real value of their purchase from their partners). :nogood::nogood::nogood:
  10. That is probably what happened in this situation. I'm still scratching my head. ;):lol:;)