Deal Of The Century!!!

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  1. :yahoo: Well....Maybe not the century, .... But I just ordered the chocolate Guccissima cosmetic case from NM ....When I bought my MJ MP a few months ago I hit a sale where they gave you a gift card ....The more $$$ you spent...the higher $$ the gift card..(Funny how that works, huh!?) ANYWAY I've been waiting for a promotion to come along..Today was the day! Free shipping for orders over $150.00...And my gift card was for $75.00!! So the cosmetic case (originally $210.00...WHICH LAST WEEK WAS STILL $200.00!!!) only cost $151.80....I don't mean to say ONLY...But hey..I saved almost $100.00!!! Can't wait! NOW my Guccissima collection is complete! I'll post pics when I get it....Here's a quick pic:

    Gucci -  Cosmetic Case -  Neiman Marcus

    :heart: Emmy
  2. Good deal. Congrats!
  3. u rock :yahoo: Congrats
  4. it's so cute and congrats on a great deal. :yes:
  5. CONGRATS Emmy on completing your set!!!!!!!! And what a gorgeous set it must pics of the family once you get your new addition!!!

  6. How cute is THAT!!!Post pics of it when you get it!You go girl!
  7. Now that's a deal! Congratulations!
  8. Congrats! I love hearing about good deals. :biggrin:
  9. What a bargain! That is so pretty! Congrats and enjoy! :smile:
  10. So nice! What a buy!
  11. Thanx everyone..I'll post pics when I get it....and I'll put it in the Gucci Reference sectionas well.....:heart: Emmy
  12. Congrats!!!

    I love Guccissima.
  13. yay, congrats!
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