Dead Silence

  1. I went and saw "Dead Silence" last night. The theatre was full and I have to say, for a horror film, it was not bad at all. Granted, it wasn't as deep as "The Descent" or "Dog Soldiers", but it was still quite good.

    If you like "Saw", you'll like "Dead Silence". It's NOWHERE as gory or bloody as "Saw", but it has its jumpy and surprise moments. It also has a good dose of humor and irony.

    Furthermore, the movie has a "Saw" feel to it. The filming, the colors, the shots, and MUSIC. And yup, definitely parallels and cameos from "Saw" (can't say what or else it'll take out the fun).

    There's also a twist at the end, but it's not anything as astounding as the twist from the first "Saw". But still, it was a twist nonetheless. And it's done by the same person who did "Saw".

    Anyways, for a horror film, I think this is definitely worth watching.
  2. Eh, am I the only person who has seen this?
  3. I saw this on Thurs nite!!!!!!!!

    I LOVED IT!!!!!

    I LOOVVVVEDDD the twist!!!!

  4. Did you see the several "Saw" references? I got a real kick out of it. Was your theatre packed? It was packed over here. It was so fun to watch it with a room full of people. I was sitting next to two guys and man, they were jumpy.

    One of the things I like about this movie was that it was scary and suspenseful WITHOUT being gory. This was what a real horror movie should be like - scares with suspense, instead of unnecessary gore (not that I mind gore though). It's cool that when things were about to happen, it goes dead silent (like the title) instead of building it up with dramatic music.

    Nonetheless, am I the only person who thinks the main character is ... uh ... stupid? There were times where I just want to yell at the guy. Btw, I think Donnie Walberg was a great choice for the detective, he was annoyingly funny even till the very end

    Last but not least, did the twist come as a surprise for you?


    Who the heck would bring the freaking DOLL with you in the CAR!!??!?! He KNEW that the doll killed his wife..yet he brings it WITH him on the long drive and lets it sit there in the hotel WITH him while he's asleep! :sweatdrop:

    I also thought it was nuts that he went out to the damn grave ALONE to bury the dummy back. lol!!!

    Our theater wasn not that packed. We went to the opening night/morning 12am midnight showing. :p

    Donnie Walburg was awesome. lol...I loved the way he was like shaking his head "NO" to the other guy when the clown was like " COME CLOSER & I'll tell you.."...hahahha...

    Loved the twist. Who would of thought huh? :sweatdrop: :nuts:
  6. Hahah! Me too! Actually, I could totally FEEL the tension in the theatre. The movie really had people on the edge of their seats.

    That's what I was thinking too! If I were him, I would've put the doll back into the coffin and DOUBLE-nailed it first! I also didn't understand why he decided to leave the doll at the Walker's when this whole time he had always had it with him? Seriously, I did feel sorry for Jamie for losing his wife, but his actions along the way was very frustrating.

    Oh yeah, definitely stupid! i would've waited til daylight for that! Also, I didn't understand WHY he would choose to step out of his car when he knew there was "something" out there. WHY oh WHY do people do that in horror movies? Is it for the peace of mind of making sure nothing was there (when they knew something was there already)? Because if so, that is a stupid move to make.

    I totally agree! That was one of my favorite parts. The entire theatre was laughing at that. It's interesting that Donnie Walberg's character became a complete believer near the end.

    Oh and if I were Jamie, I would NEVER "come closer". What the heck was he thinking? Sheesh ...

    I kinda guessed that something was up at the beginning (not gonna elaborate or else I may ruin the twist), but I have to admit I didn't guess it correctly. I like how they reveal all the clues and the hints near the end, kind of like how they did it with "Saw".:yes:

    I'm now thinking about buying the soundtrack for the movie. The music was brilliant.
  7. err.. I really wanna see it but I get scared watching the previews on tv....
  8. The movie is better than the preview. The preview made it look like a stereotypical hollywood scary movie, when in fact there's so much more to it.

    Seriously, give it a shot. It's got a good dose of humor and irony as well.:yes:
  9. :huh: I'm the type that gets scared easily..Saw creeped me out!!
    If I go I'd have to drag someone with me!
  10. Awww, I really want to see it now! You guys made it interesting! I loooove scary movies, but my bf is terrified, so I guess Ill have to grab a friend along.
  11. I don't mind watching it again. Wanna try to catch it this weekend? I need to go back and catch the clues that I missed along the way. Still trying to work out the logistics so that I can get away this Saturday from my folks.

    I'm so damn broke though ... Argh.
  12. Let me give you a call, I'm going to be in the SCP area on Saturday afternoon, then grabbing dinner with some friends (you should join us) and I think they might want to go clubbing. Our hotel is in Pasadena, so I might ditch clubbing and go watch the movie with you!

    Let me know when you're free!