'Dead' Prince Harry in Iraq War Memorial

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    - Royal laid to rest in war-mutilated sculpture
    Fri, 10/05/2007 - 15:32

    A WAR-MUTILATED sculpture of Prince Harry by artist Daniel Edwards is set to go on display in a London art fair on October 11th at the Trafalgar Hotel's Bridge Art Fair.
    The 'memorial' - full title “Iraq War Memorial featuring the Death of Prince Harry, the Martyr of Maysan Province” - is sure to spark controversy with members of the armed forces and Harry's legion of fans.
    Defending the piece, his spokesperson David Kesting said it "draws inspiration from Harry’s willingness to sacrifice for his country, and the sympathy for his disappointment of an unfulfilled patriotic aspiration. This war memorial is dedicated to the brave at heart. But the brave men and women Prince Harry inspired to enlist for combat following his announcement to serve six months in Iraq are not forgotten."

    Reading the blurb from Edwards' publicist, it is unclear whether or not this should be taken terribly seriously. More likely it is a smoke-screen for what looks very much an in-joke for the bad-of-taste community.
    The release describes the exhibit thus:
    "The Memorial features Prince Harry laid out before the Union Jack with pennies placed over his eyes and head rested on the Bible. The statue suggests the tragic outcome of a confrontation in Iraq’s Maysan Province with the Iranian weapons smugglers for whom Harry’s tank regiment was scheduled to patrol. Prone with his unfired gun still holstered, Prince Harry is represented clutching a bloodied flag of Wales, and holding to his heart a cameo locket of his late mother, Princess Diana, while a desert vulture perches on his boot. Harry’s head is earless, denoting the explicit threats against the Prince from militia leaders saying they planned to send him back to his grandmother without his ears."
    His severed ears form a separate piece which is to be auctioned off on eBay following the show.
    Criticism has been quick to surface, not least on the website promoting the work.

    "What a nauseatingly self-serving monument to a pseudo-artist’s vanity" says Simon Watney.
    And Ross Meyer adds: "I’m going to do a memorial in much the same fashion, it will be of Daniel edwards wife and children. They will be laying on a bed of yankee dollars, i mean seeing as Daniel is an american artist that would be fitting. Their heads will be in their laps with smiling alqaeda members standing behind holding rusty knives. I will call it “death of the ignorant”. I will get alot of attention worldwide, just as you have, its easy to do when all you want is to insult and make false controversy. With the moral standard you have in creating this abomination, its easy to see why so many in the world want Americans dead.(that doesn’t include me)".
    Daniel Edwards is, unsurprisingly, no stranger to upsetting folk. His work 'Paris Hilton Autopsy' garnered him notoriety earlier this year.


  2. That is just sick and wrong.
  3. You know, if I wasn't so familiar with his work (he did Paris Autopsy and Britney Spears Giving Birth on a Bearskin Rug) I'd be up in arms saying this is disgusting and disturbing.

    But he's known to put out 'crazy' works, so this one is no different.
    Although, for the record, I think it's in bad taste to put out something like this.
    And I'm sure if Harry heard about this being a 'tribute' to him, he'd probably say "Thanks, but no thanks."
  4. I rarely find myself sympathetic to royals, but in this case...!
  5. I just put myself in Harry's shoes, and being an artist is irrelavent IMO, it's very creepy and distasteful IMO.
  6. I agree.

    Say what you will about the royal family, Prince Charles or Prince William. You really think they'd want to know a work like this is out on display?
  7. Yikes, I'm on the Royals' side on this one... that's just wrong.
  8. The artist can't get fame for his work alone so let it be a "PR drama of a man wanting attention--such diva behaviour"----sad but sick......
  9. This is in such bad taste and I find it quite morbid. Who would want a sculpture of their dead self, royal or not poor Harry.

    EDIT: I just visited the site "Visitors may place cards and flowers for Harry at the memorial or e-mail their condolences to www.PrinceHarryMemorial.com." That is sick.
  10. Totally tasteles, tacky art.
    This guy has a screw loose !!!!!
    sicko !!!!
  11. I hate crap like this, it's just done for shock value, and I find shock value stuff tired and boring and just plain dumb.
  12. Very tasteless in my opinion...
  13. i'm not into the royal family much, but to me this is not nice at all...
  14. Um, is it just me, or what the heck is that in his... pants? :p:angel: