Dead Like Me

  1. Anyone remember this show? I'm watching the pilot on Showcase right now. It was on Showtime and aired from 2003 - 2004.

    18-year-old George Lass (Ellen Muth) dies when a toilet from the MIR space station falls from the sky and hits her. However, soon she discovers that afterlife really does exist... she becomes a reaper - she helps in catching the souls of people moments before they're destined to die. Then she meets a group of reapers who collect people's souls. The main reaper is Rube (Mandy Patinkin), who is always playing smart, Roxy (Jasmine Guy), a reaper with an additude, Mason (Callum Blue), a confused and funny reaper and Daisy (Laura Harris), a beautiful reaper full of mysteries. The other characters include George's family - mother Joy (Cynthia Stevenson), father Clancy (Greg Kean) and sister Reggie (Britt McKillip), who each have their own way to deal with George's death.

    George: (V.O.) My mother. She hates balloons and the word 'moist'. She considers it pornographic. (Out loud) This dinner is delicious. Very moist.
    (George's mom grits her teeth angrily)

    Betty: We are on the flirting edge of nowhere with 10 miles to go, and I am wearing my Blahniks. Do you know how many people had to die for me to get these?
    George: No.
    Betty: Five. Five people had to. And that would makes these special even if they weren't Blahniks.

    George: I'm staying with this guy I know. But he's kind of uh....
    Delores: Skeevy?
    George: No... English...
    Delores: Ew.

    George: And you! A dog in a hot tub! That is just sick.
    Daisy (to Mason): Dog in a hot tub?
    Mason: No clue.

    George: My mother was more excited about me going to college than I was. It was like "Hey, here's a socially acceptable way to evict my daughter from our house."

    (Roxy gives everyone a balloon)
    George: What's the occasion?
    Daisy: I'm guessing she had sex with a carnie.
    Roxy: Why do I need to have an occasion to spread the love?
    Mason: Because you are an ornery ***** and you eat puppy dogs for breakfast.

    (Answering questions about what they bring to the job)
    Roxy: No nonsense, comfortable with firearms, and I know kung fu.
    Daisy: I am an actress.
    Mason: Poised under pressure.

    George: Hey, can you steal me a car?
    Mason: First of all the correct phrase is 'boost' George. Second of all, I am not a used car lot and darling you really have to learn to steal your own cars.
  2. Daisy: You never slept with anybody?
    George: No.
    Daisy: Why didn't you?
    George: Well Daisy, first of all I was 18 years old.
    Daisy: Not a great excuse.
    George: I never had a boyfriend.
    Daisy: Not really a problem.
    George: I lived at home with my parents and my little sister.
    Daisy: Ever heard of a car?

    Rube: Bacchus has drowned many more men than Neptune.
    Mason: Bacchus? Wha...?
    Rube: He's the Greek god of "Why don't you read a f:cursing: cking book?"

    Sarah: Is that a smile, Susan? I can't reach your face anymore, you've botoxed sensless.
    Susan: It's surprise, Sarah. I didn't know until just now that a human body can withstand that much lipo. Tell me, is it true that the 10th one is free?

    George as Millie: (to a woman named Lydia on the phone) Hi Lydia! You've temp for them before. There is a dress code and your skirt needs to actually cover your ass. I don't care where your tattoo is. You cannot show crack at the office.
  3. Caitlin;it has to be said;you have a great taste in TV shows.Hahaha i am so obssesed with great shows aswell and i think this one was very well done,to bad that didnt help them.
  4. yeah, too bad it didn't have a longer run.
  5. This is a great show! My friend and I used to watch it like fiends. It was such a strange show, but very clever. I wish it lasted longer than 2 seasons. I loved its cynicism.
  6. ^^ Yes, I liked this show as well. B-love, since you like cynicism, did you ever see Wonderfalls?
  7. Dead Like Me

    This Sleeping Horse show has returned to the SciFi channel. Epsidos appear mostly as a weekday program aired multiple episodes at a time.

    When it first appeared a few years ago, I could not be less interested. There were other shows at that time slot I was more interested in, like Law & Order.

    Now that Dead Like Me is in reruns, I have come to regret my initial reaction and opinion. Please allow me to redeam myself my reading on.

    SciFi's weekday scheduling is terrific for us new fans who love to devour Dead Like Me episodes at a major gulp. If we can't be home at the right time, we can set our VCRs.

    For viewers who enjoy the emmergence of a Sleeping Horse hit series winner, Dead Like Me cannot be surpassed.

    Dead Like Me
    This series explores the eternal dilemna: What would you do over if you could have your life to live over again?

    Each episode invites the viewer to explore the meaning of life while sitting back and enjoying light comedy.

    The format of the show is that young people who die "with issues" become disciples who help the Grim Reaper help soon-to-die humans prepare for The Next Step (death + beyond).

    The main character, George, is an 18 yr old girl who dies from being hit by a Soviet space station toilet seat. It kills her on impact. (Pilot's example of tradgedy with humor.)

    But George comes to realize that her life and her family's life has suffered because of her death. (Shades of

    Each show features commonplace humans with existential issues: priests with doubts of faith, spinsters scared of losing their pets to a fatal disease, Mums who are trying to care for their kids after husbands have flown the coop, etc.

    The show offers poignant issues against comedic backgrounds. Deep issues can be pondered while we enjoy the faux pas of the show's stars.

    Commoners who are killed but temporarily assigned as Grim Reapers work day jobs as office clerks and parking meter maids. (Sure sounds like Hell on Earth to me!)

    Each "reaper" learns about the meaning of life as she helps each commoner ascend to the next level after life.

    As you can tell, I have become an overnight fan to this series. I am going to position my vcr to record all episodes.

    Watch and enjoy!