DE Speedy vs Speedy B

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  1. I am trying to decide between the DE Speedy 30 and the Speedy B. Is the B worth the difference in price? I have read some posts that the shoulder strap is uncomfortable and an awkward length. I would appreciate your thoughts and pros/cons on each bag. Thanks!!
  2. I have 3 Speedy b35s (one in each canvas) and I would say the b is worth it. I use the strap regularly.
  3. I have two Speedys and both are the Classic style in sizes 25 & 30. I think if I had to repurchase I would get the Speedy B in the 25 just because it's another option, and it would have saved me $$$$, as I wouldn't have needed to purchased the Pochette Metis for the cross body. Good luck!!!
  4. My first Speedy (and LV purchase) was a 35, purchased before the "b" option was available.

    I got a Speedy 25 about 18 months ago and I SO wish I had the strap option on it. I definitely understand where you are coming from regarding the price difference. However, I wish I had gone for the b!

    I think the Speedy 30 B is a great bag and very versatile. Also, the 30 is a roomier bag, so it would be handy to have a strap incase it gets heavy.
  5. Yes, the Speedy B is SO worth the price! I have the 30 non B and although I still love it, I don't really use it as much. I have the 25B and have used it everyday since I got it. It is just so versatile and handy to have the strap. Even though there is a pretty big price difference, it is very worth it!
  6. All my speedys are with bandouliere, and I don't think I would consider buying a classic one. I do not use the straps all the time, but it's soooooo convenient to have it at hand. So definitely worth it to me.
    The DE strap indeed is a tad less comfortable than the vaccetta or empreinte ones, the coating makes the leather very stiff - but also very durable. It's not too bad, though, and having a carefree bag is absolutely worth it. Hth 🌺.
  7. I'm in the same position you are. I just purchased the Speedy B 30 (although in monogram) and I have been wanting to purchase another one but I cannot decide between the original/classic or another Speedy B. I love having the cross body option as well as the hand held option because I tend to carry a lot at times but there is something about the classic that draws me to it. In the long run it will probably be more beneficial to go with the Speedy B, since you're getting a few more options, but it will depend on your preferences.
  8. completely worth it. i brought and sold 3 classic speedy, learnt that hand held only is not my thing. i like the multi carry option of the B, most of the time i have it on my shoulders or cross body. Now it's one of my favorites.
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    IMO it is worth it. Before I purchased my Speedy B 30 DE, I was having the same thoughts and watched many videos / read reviews....
    Now that I have it, I leave the strap on all the time. Sometimes I like holding the bag like a classic speedy, but when in stores, on my phone I always use the strap. It is really handy and comfortable.
    As I prefer the strap without the middle part, the Speedy is kind of like a shoulder bag, which I really love. It is my got to bag for everyday.
    So, to sum it up, I'd go for the B version, after all buying a strap afterwards will be about the same price. Yet again, then you won't have the leather on the sides for stabilization and to put the strap on ;)
  10. I have never considered a speedy without a strap. I say the price is well worth it. I've always been a crossbody girl and not a top handle girl though. But it's nice to have both options :smile:
  11. Definitely worth it to me. I had a regular speedy (before the B was an option) and sold it for the B and haven't regretted it. I really only use it with a strap and my regular speedy was just sitting in my closet.
  12. Absolutely worth it. Would have never considered a speedy without the strap.
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    Yes yes and yes! Makes a huge difference. Sold my speedy 25 to fund the DE 30B. So amazing to have the choice! And I love the extra leather details! Make sure you find one with smooth handles!!:smile: lately I find they don't take the time to tuck them like they used to do! My 6month old DE 30B is currently getting new handles at LV, bc I made a complaint on the way mine was made. But this bag also made me realise I'm not over LV as a brand! Why? Because I MISS my bag so much!

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  14. I have 3 Speedy b 35's (one in each canvas). Definitely worth it. I previously have a Speedy 30 and rarely used it.
  15. I think the best bag thatI ever owned,my speedybandoulieres in 2 sizes 30 and 35.Definitely worth the price.