DE Speedy D 30 Canvas Question


Feb 11, 2007
Long Island, NY
I decided this morning to exchange my mono Speedy D for the DE.

I didn't pay much attention to the canvas on the bag I returned cause it was going back.

Now that I have the DE I am seeing that the canvas is on the thin side and after unpacking there is a crease I don't like. I have a Verona and the canvas on this bag is much thicker. Is this normal for a Speedy D - soft canvas that kind of ripples when it's not full to the max? I'd really hate to return this bag cause the LV store is far away. I am scratching my head why I go through this every time I buy a bag.


in LVoe!
Nov 19, 2010
good old U.S.A.
nope you're right, the speedy B canvas is very thin. maybe it was intentionally made that way for cross body wear (i don't know) but i did not like how thin the canvas was. i had a DE NF, Trevi PM, Speedy 25 that i sold...what's left is my Hampstead and Verona...all the canvas is a lot thicker. i end up not keeping the bag and exchange it for the empreinte.