DE speedy b and speedy owners help please.

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  1. Hi everyone, tomorrow morning my mom and I are going to the LV botique and picking up my DE speedy or speedy b depending on what I choose, this is my moms gift to me since I have been having a pretty rough semester in college due to some bullying issues (if you think kids are mean try adults who envy each other and are in college), but my question is that is the speedy b very different from the speedy or are the advantages just that you can use it as a cross body bag? Also what size would be best foursome one that is 5'7 I already have a mono speedy 35 which is a good size but I never completely fill it up
  2. I'm interested in the Speedy B myself. I think the 30 is perfect in a B but not any larger...just a personal opinion. I like the way the 25 and 30 lay against the body when wearing it cross body.

    I would suggest trying multiple sizes and get a feel for how comfortable the sizes are in the various scenarios you are wanting to wear it.

    So sorry to hear about your bullying situation. That idea just pains me to hear...such a sad thing that others feel the need to act in that way. Sounds like you have such a loving a supportive mother...
  3. Im leaning towards the 30 as well, because even though the 35 is a good size I don't want to look like I am carrying a duffle bag because that would just seem silly.

    I am very lucky to have parents that are very supportive, it just saddens me that as adults some of us cannot get our heads around the idea that some people have different opinions and that not everyone is going to have the same point of view as you, I literally am getting bullied by an entire class because I think differently and am vocal about my opinion the sad part is that this class is about communication yet no one appreciates different points of view, thankfully the semester is almost over
  4. Sounds like the 30 would be great for you since you never fill up a 35. I would also go for the bandouliere. You're in college and your hands aren't always free. It's so nice to have the option to wear as a shoulder bag, crossbody or hand held.
  5. I vote for speedy b for the multiple carrying options.
  6. I think you will enjoy the 30 B in DE. It's a great bag.
  7. Get the B. I had plain Ebene speedy 30 for 2 years. Got the B, sold the regular and am soooo happy. It just gives you more options. You can still take the strap off and use as a regular speedy.
  8. Have both Speedy B 30 & 35. Prefer the 35.
  9. I have the Speedy b 30 and it's perfect :smile:
  10. Thank you all I'll see what I like tomorrow at the botique :smile: always excited to go shopping its such a treat to take time out from my busy schedule to go to the stores
  11. +1.... Had my classic de speedy 30 for 2 years and was not sad at all to sell it after I got my speedy b 30.
  12. The speedy b30 is perfect for everyday while
    the speedy b35 suits me well for travel.
    for reference i'm 5'5" 115lbs.
    Good luck, both sizes are useful!
  13. Sorry to hear about the bullying issues, hope it is sorted out!! I also suggest Speedy B 30 for you but do try both the Speedy B 35 and 30. The DE Speedy B 25 is my favourite and most used bag (I am only 5" tall) :smile: so much more versatile and practical than the regular handheld ones. Good luck!
  14. so I went in tried the speedy b 30 & 35 and I really tried to like it but I ended up just sticking to the speedy 35 in de which I adore I just don't like the strap it just really bothers me (my mom thinks I'm weird because she thought it would be practical to have it with a strap) but I really am happy with the speedy 35 in de oh and I also picked up the damier graphite initials belt for the dbf he deserves it for sticking with me through the past six months which were horrible thanks to everyone who helped 😊
  15. Congratulations! I love my DE Speedy 35!