DE speedy 30 vs DE zippy compact wallet

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  1. If you were to get your first LV (and you already have wallets and bags from other designers), would you get a speedy or a wallet? I know they serve different purpose but she doesnt know whether its worth spending the money on a wallet when she can get a bag.
    Im no help because my advice was to get both hahahaha. Thanks guys!
  2. Speedy
  3. Speedy
  4. Hmmm that's a toughy! I don't have a speedy but I have a DE zippy compact wallet and I absolutely love it! It really depends on what you want/need more.
  5. Definitely speedy! :smile:
  6. Speedy.
  7. Speedy!!
  8. Speedy, hands down!
  9. Speedy!
  10. I vote for speedy too .. I do love my CZP wallet too:smile:
  11. Wow, thanks ladies.
  12. I chose to get a wallet first (ZCP because I don't carry a lot of cards) because I could use it every day with all my bags - at the time I didn't have any good wallets though. If you have a good wallet that you are happy with then I'd go for the Speedy first.
  13. Bags before wallets... :biggrin:
  14. Another vote for speedy
  15. Speedy first, not unless you don't like the which case another bag perhaps?
    I agree with needlv, bags before wallets...