De Passage a Paris scarf

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  1. Ladies, I am trying to decide on a colorway, so I was hoping you could post any pics you may have of this scarf. Thanks:heart::heart::heart:
  2. Here are some pics I have already:


  3. I have baby blue and baby blue. I love it.

    will post some tonight.

    I love the white and blue!

    also there is white I have seen with pink and red...I love that one. I amost got that instead.
  4. ^^^ I have the baby blue on hold, so I would love a pic, thank you :heart:

    I also have a purple/blue and an orange on hold
  5. My fave is the white/red/orange!
  6. let me get that pic for you...after my conference call. I just love the color

    uploading right now...
  7. here is the baby blue.

    its a true baby I don't know if my camera captured that.

    it was a tough choice....but I liked that you could still see the details of the map, etc

    but I really did like the white with the purple..

    it was just so hard.

    baby blue just makes anyone's complexion pop....I am pale with blue eyes so it made my eyes pop but I love baby blue on tan skin too. just a nice summer color...

    wear it with all white and your outfit just pops, etc

    Rose, I have seen you in alot of white with color scarves or black with maybe the blue would be nice to add for a pop of color?

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  8. I think my pics show a little more green but its def a baby true blue
  9. Guccigal, thank you so much:heart::heart::heart:

    I love the color!! It's even got some dark blue in it to match my new Kelly. I wonder how different the blue/purple is.
  10. well the pics you posted of all white with the colored has the same feel as that.

    you focus on the scarf being white...then you focus what is on the scarf.

    rather than the baby blue you focus on it being a nice blue...then what is on it.

    and yes...its baby blue with deep blue sketching and border...
  11. So, the blue/purple has a base of white?

    Definitely getting the baby blue one, speed dialing my SA.....
  12. I have one in red .. can post a pic tomorrow if nobody beats me to it
  13. baby blue? I wish I could get better pics of the true color....I have to use the crappy camera because my husband has the nice one...but you can imagine the baby blue.

    it was a touch choice..but light colors are hard to me...and the blue is just nice little pop of color.
  14. I really want it with a non white base ( I am afraid of white getting make up all over it), so the blue you have will be ideal guccigal.
  15. oh good. yes...the one I saw with purple sketching or outline of the buildings, etc had a white background.

    that is one reason I didn't get that one either...getting it dirty.

    I have the les mustangs with a white background...and I love it...but I only want one white scarf!