DE Neverfull Horror Stories already resolved?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Im planning on getting the Neverfull Damier Ebene very soon but are terrified with the horror stories on the peeling/cracking of straps and wrinkling much of the leather trim. Was this resolved already? Please give me info. 😣

  2. I have read conflicting reviews about the NF Ebene, but personally I would just get it. You can always resell it in the future. I recently purchased the NF Azur, and wish I had gotten Ebene instead so I can use it in the Winter as well haha
  3. Don't put any charms on the straps and you should be fine!
  4. The first GM I had was from mid-2012 and it was an absolute nightmare; I had to send it off three times for repairs within the first 6 months including getting it back for 1 day and then having to send it right back because of the cracking...and I was only using it as a purse that evening and not as a school bag. It was insane! Eventually LV agreed with me that it was just a bad bag and replaced it for another, this one from early 2013, and it has given me zero problems despite being loaded up for uni or being hauled across the country when I travel.
    For the most part LV seems to have addressed the problem but it's not uncommon for the odd one to crack no and then...if that's the case then it's a known issue and LV will take care of you.
  5. I bought one in August, started peeling and chipping within 25 days. I took it back as they exchanged it right away. Have not had any problems with my new one at all.
  6. I've had mine since early October and have used it countless times so far, in all weather and conditions. No cracking or peeling at all! There is a bit of wrinkling just above the chap part of the handle from storing it, but once it's on my shoulder and filled it straightens out no problem. I love that bag!
  7. I like DE because it would go well better with black clothes or trench coat. But I really dont want to go through all the peeling issues. I have my monogram speedy which is 8 years old now and no cracking/peeling on the handle or canvas. So my trust is really on the monogram. However, I also want to have a DE print.
  8. Monogram ones cant really have peeling issues because vachetta is pure untreated leather, so it can only show signs of wear/elapse.. How ever DE leather parts have a man made coating on top of the leather, that is the reason it has the peeling issues..
  9. There's really nothing to be worried about when it comes to DE and you're only getting worked up about the "what ifs" because you're allowing yourself's no different than dwelling on DA because of the possibility of colour transferring or mono because of the canvas bubbling/peeling issue (has since been resolved to my knowledge).
    The cracking was mostly confined to the NF, specifically the lower parts of its straps, due to design and the formula used to coat/treat the leather being too stiff. LV has since then reinforced the load-bearing portion of the strap to reduce strain and changed the coating so that it's more flexible and the result has been a drastic decrease in cracking issues.
    Is there a possibility that your bag may crack? Yes. Then again there's also a chance you may get struck by a meteor when you step out of the house but the chances are pretty slim. The worst that will most likely happen is the trim will wrinkle (it's a sign of healthy leather and is supposed to do that, otherwise it would crack...all leathers do it but the dark leather just makes it a little more visible) but LV has your back should the handles decide not to play nice. I've had my GM for 3 years (and I don't baby it) as well as my Delightfull MM and Pochette Accessories and none have given me any issues whatsoever.
  10. I was worried about buying DE for this reason as well. But my neverfull that I bought in 2014 is still in immaculate condition and I use it ALL the time. I'm so glad I bought it. Don't be worried! Just go for it.
  11. Wow! So you got the DE? Nice!
  12. Thanks for this. :smile: what about the handles? Does it dig on your shoulder? Do you use lotion or sanitizer? What about during winter? Do you use the bag? Do you cinched it during winter? When did you start tucking the sides of the bag? I heard someone said wait until the leather has broken in a little bit.
  13. Yes, I got the DE. Could not be happier with it.
  14. Do you have the GM size? Is it really digging into your shoulder? A lot are saying that the straps of the delightful are better.
  15. Yes, the handles are quite thin, especially for such a large tote, and they can quickly dig in when the bag gets full/heavy which is very easy to do.
    Because the leather is treated I have no qualms using sanitizer and lotion although to be honest by the time I've applied those to my hands and then touch my bag it's pretty much been absorbed so there's no real risk of harm.
    Yes, I do use my NF during the winter but will opt for a cloth bag when the temperatures drop extremely low (i.e -25C/-13F) since the canvas itself would begin to freeze...even all-leather bags will suffer at those levels.
    I seldom cinch my GM as it's primarily used as either a school or travel tote, not to mention I prefer the look of it better when it's left as is. The few times that I did was when it was being used as a purse, that role generally falls to my other more well-suited bags, and I had already had and used it for quite some time.