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Aug 10, 2009
Hello all,

Already some years I am thinking to buy a beautiful watch ( luxury). Cheking some brands I saw de Grisogono watches. It looks amazing...and jewerly collection is very differnet from Cartier, Chopard... Please help me if anybody of you know this brand ... and what do you think about it!

Thank you.
Nov 19, 2007
The De Grisogono brand was started in 1993 by Fawaz Gruosi. Orginally, the company designed and produced jewellery and everyday items such as sunglasses which were then sold in a boutique located in Geneva. Gruosi introduced the use of black diamonds into many of his designs, which at the time was very unusual. With the success that followed he was quickly able to open boutiques in London, Gstaad, Rome, Paris, St. Moritz, Kuwait, Moscow and Hong Kong - all within the fist 5 years. It wasn't until the year 2000 that Fawaz developed his first watch collection for De Grisogono, the Instrumento no uno. He also was the first to use GALUCHAT (Stingray skin ) in jewelry like cuff bracelets, chokers and watches straps
I love De Grisogono, I have a watch, a ring and a pair of earrings
It is always a pleasure for me to go to boutique and see the outstanding and over the top jewelery.
The brand is highly respected world wide

By the way, there were couple of threads with some nice pics in the past on De Grisogono, just do a search and hopefully you will find them
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May 17, 2006
fantastic unusual design interesting color/stone combinations and with the istrumento no uno an iconic watchdesign. always top notch quality and workmenship. i am a huge fan of his designs

he was for a long long time business related to chopard (he is married to caroline scheufele) until he went solo again this or last year. but still this just an extra for his "credibility"

Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
OMG I looove this brand! My next watch will be a De Grisogono, already gave DH the heads up/warning. lol
They are going to be opening a store end of year in Las Vegas. At the new City Center.