DE Galleria PM....Dated Style ?

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  1. Hi All

    I purchased the special order Galleria pm in Damier Ebene when it was available. I was recently considering selling it to fund a current style. I still like it but was wondering if the style is considered dated . Would love to hear your thoughts. TIA
  2. I love the Galleria DE! It's not dated.
  3. No:smile: these bags are still very very popular. I wouldn't sell it personally.
  4. I have it as well- I was able to get one at a special event at my home boutique. They are pretty rare. Unless you do not like it, I would not sell it. Mine is going nowhere!
  5. No, I don't think they are dated at all. I would buy one if they were still sold.
  6. I have her in mono GM and though I don't use her often, I still LVoe her, and believe she is a timeless hobo style.
  7. I'd never sell that. Wish I still had the ability to buy one.
  8. OMG, the Galleria DE is not out dated. It will always be iconic in my opinion.
  9. Absolutely not. I still have my Galleria Pm (in Mono though) and I wear her once in while. She has one of the most comfortable straps besides my Delightful pm and has a nice patina to her.
  10. I wouldn't sell it either. Especially when yours is a SO... It's going to be really difficult to get the exact same one again when you do decide that you made a mistake down the track of selling it. I still see people carrying them around the place in my city, so yeah that would be a good sign....
  11. +1! I would not sell either, and I would buy this bag in DE if it was still available in the boutique. I had the mono version, and I sold it because DE is my preference. The bag itself is a classic style.
  12. I would love to have DE Galliera.
  13. Its a keeper!!
  14. Agreed. I wish I got an SO when the service was still available. That's something you can keep forever and not worry about anyone having your bag.
  15. I don't care for this bag but I don't think it's dated.
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