De-blanding a blouse!

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  1. I decided it's time to get out of the quicksand style my work clothes. I wanted something cheerier!



    After! :balloon:


    I was inspired by a couple of movies, and a blouse from a website in Deals & Steals! :tpfrox:

    I still need to finish the placket edge...but it was fun!
  2. Cute! I used to do stuff like this a lot before I had small children running around messing with my sewing machine. Love it!:biggrin:
  3. Cute! Wish I had a sewing machine.
  4. Oh cute!
  5. Thank you everyone!
  6. I love it, great job!
  7. that looks great sprigged!
  8. it's pretty! I love the bows. =)