De Beers Jewellery

I remember when DeBeers first started opening retail stores a few years ago there was all this advance publicity about Iman being their spokesmodel...and she made a lot of statements about how DeBeers diamonds were not conflict diamonds. But when it came time for the first DeBeers store opening (think it was in London)...Iman was nowhere to be found. No explanation was given about her departure from the campaign.
How would a loved one feel if they knew? Perhaps some would not care, if so ask yourselves this - would you spend so much $$$$ on someone who 'does not care'. I cry when I read what conflict diamonds create.

I feel sad now.
You can ask for a certified conflict free diamond, but there is still no guarantee...most diamond nowadays are conflict free, but there are still those that are smuggled in and mixed with the others. You can also purchase Canadian mined diamonds, which are colflict they say, but then this website says otherwise.

If you are at all interested in this subject, go see 'Blood Diamond', it is a wonderful movie, very informative.
Though I do have a diamond engagement ring, I don't like diamonds for this very reason--what is involved with obtaining them. We chose Tiffany's because they have shown concern for how diamonds have been obtained since the 90's.
I have always found it ironic that diamonds symboze love in our culture and pain and suffering in another.
This has been going on forever. "Conflict diamonds" is a very PC way of putting it.
Childern are forced to work the mines, and hands are severed if people are suspected of stealing while making 10 cents an hour. Its a travesty. Every time someone buys a diamond it creates a demand for 1 more. So to me all diamonds are "conflict diamonds"
Which I why I am so happy to wear CZs!

As a matter of fact, my SO bought me a pretty one today, round green CZ with white CZ baguettes on the sides.

I have some older diamonds, but I could never imagine buying another one knowing that a child could have been held in slavery to provide a sparkly for my finger:cursing: