DD's 'key to the door'!

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  1. DD Genevieve is 12 now and walks to and from school by herself so the time has come, we think, to get her her own key cut... I remember getting my first front door key at about her age and it seemed like a big deal, sort of a symbol of my growing independence. So to mark it we've ordered her the Gemini keyring in silver and will attach the key, re-box/bag it and present it to her! It'll match her choc/silver mini Somerset pouch we bought her for her recent birthday (which I have too, we're bag twins!).
    She's my Mulberry partner in crime! And she's pretty amazing too :love:
  2. That's a lovely thing to do!!!
  3. Thats lovely! My daughter got a key when she was 12 and promptly lost it. I wonder if she would have lost it if she had a posh keyring! :biggrin:
  4. She's so worth it, she's worth much much more - she's my best friend and the loveliest kindest person I know.
    She has already said that she would love an ostrich Bays for her 18th - the colour changes almost daily though! Hmmm, better start saving..... :biggrin:
  5. Ah Trashed bride that is the loveliest thing I have heard for ages! :hugs: I really hope that my DDs (5 next week and 3 in August) and I will stay as close as we are now and have the close relationship you obviously have with Genevieve.
  6. Aww Bluecat what lovely ages they are! Having said that all ages are lovely, watching them grow is such a joy. Gen and I have always been close, we've been through a lot together, but in recent months our relationship's changed and become sort of more equal in a way (may be because she's 'becoming a woman' bless her!). When I wave goodbye to her in the mornings and watch her trot off to school I think my heart's going to burst because I love her so much and I'm so glad she's growing into this amazing person in her own right. My mum told me that the closeness between a mother and daughter is like nothing else and is special beyond words - as with so many other things, she turned out to be right!
    Sorry, totally off topic and soppy there!
    And Maisie, I think if it were on any other keyring she probably WOULD lose it - however I fancy she'll guard a Mulberry one with her life!
  7. Ahh thats lovely TB. Its pretty scary to think how fast they grow up. I can't even think about when the time comes to give my daughter her own key - she'll be 11 in November!
  8. That's a lovely thing to do!nice way of marking these kind of occasions.
  9. How nice! I wish you ladies could go share the love on the "Good taste or spoiled?" thread which talks about young teenagers(or just young) carrying designer bags. Here I see a mum giving her daughter a lovely gift(talking about the somerset pouch) - but it's amazing what attitudes I've seen on that thread! Sorry if I have derailed off the original topic...:shame:
  10. How lovely trashedbride-as bluecat said that is the nicest thing I've heard for ages! She will love it.
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    Sorry to continue on the soppy note (I'm not like it very often) but on the way home from work today I was listening to Mama Mia and the song that Donna the mother sings to her daughter I think its called "slipping through my fingers" and it made me bawl. I can see that already with DD1 - she's such an anomaly at the moment - saying really grown up things sometimes and at other times she is such a baby. I'm not close to my mum at all and am doing everything to remain close with my girls.

    Having said all that and back OT, I won't be trusting her with a mulberry for a looong time!
  12. WBH... I just took a look at that thread and omg, it actually made me feel quite sad... Was going to post but I decided I didn't want to be a part of it. We're sooo not well off, we had to save to buy that special treat for Gen - she's a quiet, bookish, kind, gentle girl and the idea that she's spoilt because of one 'landmark' gift would be so off the mark. She'll have a Bays for her 18th if she still wants one - but joking aside we will have to save hard for it (and it probs won't be an ostrich one!).
    Everyone, thank you for saying kind things - I posted originally because I felt so happy and proud of my girl and wanted to share, how lovely that you all understand :smile:
    Bluecat, they do grow up so fast but with every thing they grow out of comes something equally new and magical. That closeness evolves and becomes more solid, they still need you but in different ways. My relationship with my mum was not always happy; she died before we had a chance to make up after our last disagreement, hadn't spoken for three years. It makes me even more determined to treasure my relationship with Gen.
    Now, can we please go back to talking about bags, bags don't make me blub like a baby! *grabs tissues*
  13. ^ I agree. Spoiled are the children that, aged 6 and 7, have Hermes bags or LV bags.
    Buying your, very sensible by the sounds of it, daughter 1 Mulberry bag is fine if you feel that she's going to look after it and she appreciates it.

    My daughter asked for a LV bag for her 10th birthday but I said No - she doesn't understand yet that money doesn't grow on trees. I've said that we can go shopping and she will be able to have a 'designer' bag for her 18th but she's not having one now just for the sake of it.

    She tried to persuade me to buy her an Alexander McQueen scarf whilst I was a Bicester (and I must admit that I looked) but the chiffon ones were just too delicate for her (she's a bit of a bull in a china shop) so I've told her that if she can look after the (cheaper) one that she has then I might think about getting her one for her birthday in November.
  14. This is such a cute thread, it makes me wish I had a daughter and could look forward to this kind of experience.
  15. After I was so soppy about DDs last night they both had mammoth tantrums within 15 mins of each other. I might have posted them both you in Dubai if you'd have agreed to it (but they were lovely again this morning).