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  1. Has anyone tried using Dance Dance Revolution for the Playstation or Xbox to excerise? We have it and i have used it before and its actually pretty fun, but just wondering if its a good workout for cardio?

    Also if it is, and you havent tried it, you may want to becuase it is very fun and you dont feel like you are working out.
  2. I just got it for the Wii for Christmas and it is a good workout! They even have a Workout mode where you set eh number of calories you want to burn and you pretty much dance until you've burned them. :smile:
  3. ^ Hey DDR for wii sounds cool! I like to use the Boxing game from the Sports pack to burn extra calories and the upcoming "Wii Fit" game with Fit board sounds pretty neat!
  4. I have tried, its loads of fun.
  5. I used to use it but I got bored with the lack of new songs. After a while they get a little old.

    But when I first got into it, I really got a good workout. It was right after college so I lost about 20 pounds getting down to my normal weight again using DDR. Not eating cafeteria food helps too lol.
  6. oh yeah i heard about the wii, thats a good idea too...i was just trying to find something to help burn calories at home in addition to the gym or if you dont feel like going. when i am home i tend to lay around on the couch lol
  7. I remember reading a newspaper article about how DDR was pretty good exercise. I've never played but I've seen people playing it, and it seems like there's a lot of jumping around, which would definitely be a good cardio workout. Maybe you can try involving your upper body too (I dunno, move your arms around while you're jumping or something :p) to make it an even better workout.
  8. thats a really good idea! with some real lightweight barbells or whatever they are called...
  9. i've seen alot of ppl play ddr and i've tried it a couple times but i gave up cause i suck so bad lol
  10. LOL i am not good either by any stretch of the imagination....but as long as i dont do it in public i guess its not so bad