DDF glycolic wash and toner question

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  1. I bought the DDF glycolic exfoliating wash and 10% toner together thinking that they should be used together, since they have the same name...haha.
    I went into sephora the other day to buy the sulfer mask, because I've heard amazing things about it. The sales started talking to me about the mask and I told her that I'm currently using the toner and wash and I dont want it drying out my skin. She looks at me and goes..."you're not really suppose to use the wash and the toner together...because it could really dry out your skin."
    WELL...I didnt know! No one told me!!! The box didnt say anything about not using it together (ok..i didnt really read the box and I already threw it out), so I just assumed that it should be used together!
    Soo...does anyone use the two products together? Or how are you suppose to use these two products? How do you girls use the sulfer mask?

    Thanks...really confused at the moment.
  2. that's strange... because i just bought the wash and was planning on buying the toner as well... because in a past DDF thread, people mentioned that they had used both. :shrugs:
  3. I just got both of them about a week and a half ago. It was initially drying when I was using it twice a day but then decided I should read the bottle. One of them says to use once a day and I did just that and am having no problems so far. I am going to give them a month and see if I see any noticeable improvement.