DD hurt her mouth and won't eat or drink-advice needed

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  1. My 2 1/2 year old was playing calmly with her friend while her friend's mother and I sat in the other room. All of a sudden we heard some toys fall and my daughter started crying. I ran in to check on her and she was just standing there with blood running out of her mouth. I panicked and started trying to figure out what had happened and where the blood was coming from. It wound up being from the inside of her upper lip (thank goodness). The bleeding stopped within a minute or two but the top lip is lacerated and very swollen. She has not eaten or had anything to drink in the past 26 hours despite wanting to, asking for food and drink and just crying in front of it. She won't bring anything to her lips to even try. We tried using a spoon, straw, dropper, anything and everything we could think of. This morning she vomited (just stomach acid as she had nothing in her system) so I brought her right in to the Dr. He said she probably contracted a stomach bug and it is displaying itself at the same time as her swollen lip. Having spent every waking hr with dd and seeing her behavior when she has a stomach bug, I know that's not what's going on. I don't know what to do for her to help her drink or eat. I don't want her to wind up in the hospital hooked up to an IV because of a busted lip :sad: Has anyone encountered a similar situation with their child? Anyone have any advice? Thanks so much!
  2. my little sister fell off the couch and hit the coffee table [she was 4 at the time]...she knocked out her 3 front teeth, cut her lip and had to have stitches...i fed her through a straw. i would dip it into the apple sauce and cover the top and then put it in her mouth and let it go [that make sense] so the food fell on her tongue and all she had to do was swallow.

    have you tried to put some orajel on it? maybe it would numb it enough for her to be able to eat...poor lil thing! im sure it hurts and that is why she doesn't want to eat, she is scared of making it worse.
  3. We dealt with a major mouth laceration, swollen lip, and even loose baby teeth as a result of a fall that our DD had when she was about 4. She had to have an x-ray to determine the extent of the damage to her front teeth. She ate yogurt through a straw and drank lots of water for a couple of days before she could start adding more foods back into her diet. I remember her crying because it hurt her teeth to eat a bowl of Cheerios:sad: You somehow need to get your DD to at least try something. How about popsicles (or frozen fruit juice)? The cold would make her lip feel good too. Chances are, if you can get her to at least try something, she will start eating/drinking again.
  4. Aww that sounds horrible! At least as of now it looks like all her teeth are in-tact. We were warned to check for graying over the next few days though. We have tried the straw without any luck. DH just ran out for some orajel, so hopefully that will help. I think what you said about her being too scared to eat is very true since she won't even try to put the food or drink in her mouth-she just cries with it in front of her :sad:
  5. Wow, that sounds horrible too. I appreciate the shared experiences so I don't feel so alone in this. How long did it take for DD to start drinking/eating through the straw? Did the dentist x-ray even with the large swollen lip or did they wait a bit?
  6. Id start by giving her Motrin and tylenol and then by giving her ice pops to numb it.
    (Dr hubby said that!)
  7. Thanks so much for the help!

    After a very very long day, here's a quick update: DD cried all day yesterday and still refused to eat or drink anything until around midnight when she was so frustrated and dehydrated that I squirted apple juice in her mouth when she wasn't paying attention. The taste of juice in her mouth was enough to get her to sip apple juice from a juice box. She downed two juice boxes in a craze and finally gave way to sleep. I was optimistic about today but when she woke up she was miserable again. She would drink through the juice box straw but still wouldn't eat. She spent the whole day crying until DH came home and I made him hold her down while I put pudding in her mouth. Just like the juice, the taste in her mouth made her overcome her fear/pain and she gingerly opened her mouth for me to spoon feed her (with the world's tiniest baby spoon!) four cups of pudding. I am trying to spread out her pudding intake because I know her little stomach can't handle too much after the past couple days of not eating. She refuses to eat anything other than pudding or drink anything not in a juice box, but it's a start and I feel so relieved because it means she won't have to go back to the dr or be hospitalized for dehydration! I know the next few days will be really rough, but at least we're on the road to recovery! Thanks again for the advice!
  8. I wish my DH was a Dr! That would save me so many fears/questions!
  9. So glad that she's finally eating and drinking something! Wishing her a speedy recovery!
  10. Poor baby!
  11. Thanks so much! DD has totally surprised me tonight. She went from her absolute worst around 5 pm to actually eating chips tonight- yes, of all things, hard crunchy jagged chips! Chips are her favorite snack of choice at night but I never expected her to even try eating them for days given her prior behavior today. I guess it took the pudding breakthrough for her to realize a lot of her fear was just in her head. What a miserable couple of days! Hopefully she will never hurt her lip like this ever again!! Thanks again for the help and support.
  12. YAY!! im happy to hear that she is eating and drinking again! good girl! :biggrin:
  13. Glad she is better - I had a tonne of oral surgery when I was little - well and still right up until now! So I know how she feels, it's horrible :sad:
  14. I know she is a little young, but there is a mouthwash called Peroxyl. It has peroxide in it, and it really clears up mouth sores very quickly. Not sure if she could swish it around yet, but if something like this happens later on then it's a great thing to have on hand!