dcblam - Just Beginning? Yikes!!!

  1. Greetings to all -
    I can't believe I'm purse obsessed....earlier this year, I didn't even glance at purses and paid NO attention to what others wore on their shoulder/arms/backs, etc.....well, that was a lie...if it was a FAB BAG, I paid attention.
    Now, I have somehow obtained 11 bags since I joined this Forum and that was not long ago. Here are pics of the 11 together.
    I have this policy that I will not buy a bag retail, it must be on sale and I've gotten some pretty nifty Deals and Steals, thanks to you guys!
    Now that I look at them all, I think I need some more color? What else do I need, fellow-enablers?
    I've not listed my vintage/previous bags/clutches, etc. Maybe I'll do that later. I have plenty of "going out" bags...(oops, did I say plenty - spank me!)
    So, your advice/input is much appreciated!
    Here it goes:
    CIMG1960.JPG CIMG1981.JPG
  2. Great collection! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  3. Looks like you have a really nice selection of colors and shapes! I see a Choo back there. Would love to see a few individual pictures with names. You have some cool bags I am not familiar with. Love the blue, yellow and red bags!
  4. Lovely collection! I'm envious.Like the previous poster said,it would be nice to see individual pictures...this also serves to educate some of us:yes:.
  5. Love that bright yellow bag!
  6. Beautiful colors!
  7. Thanks for everyone's response...wow!
    Now that I know this post is up and running....will post pics and descriptions on the babies....

    Here we go - Hobos and Shoulder Bags (L to R)

    Jimmy Choo Talia
    literally a workhorse, or I should say, a camel.....camel leather that is! She smells great and I just love her unique shape, quality hardware, material, craftsmanship.

    Etro Sailors Knot in Winter White
    this one is so utterly yummy - winter white and she doesn't get much action, but when she does - WOW. Not the most functional bag (size/organization) - but the trade off is the most exquiste leather, the hand knotted design, the twisted leather shoulder strap and other details! Screams couture....at least to me. My most $$ bag.

    Ananas Nicky in Citrus
    great color - always get comments on the color! The bag fits so nicely on the shoulder. It's my widest bag, but somehow, I can carry it off due to its slim profile. The leather is SUPER soft and lighweight - easy to carry. Lots of nice compartments inside AND there's one on the outside, right under the front flap. Nice wood.

    Hayden Harnett (HH) Ana in Chocolate
    saturated chocolate color, soft leather, great shape, a mod take on a coin purse on steroids (someone else said this and I thought it was spot on), great organization, user friendly design details, lightweight, shoulder or hand carry - slim profile, just totally works for me! Love HH.

    Isabella Fiore Molly Woven Glory
    Usually, I am not a fan of IF - too heavy in weight and style, but I really like this one. Woven, yes, woven leather - great woven strap, nice weight, brass hardware, lovely design details. It drapes/droops more with stuff in.
  8. Here's more:

    Crossbody/Shoulder/Hand - Whatever Bag:

    Barney's Private Label - by Tano
    The strap on this baby is completely adjustable to do all three and it's lightweight and love the semi-shine/slight distressed leather. The design is so unisex that my husband doesn't object to wearing it when we travel - great plus for me since I don't have to carry everything all the time! Love the pull tabs near the zippers and the top has two zippers - going in opposite directions. Kewl. Inside has little organization, but who cares!

    Satchel or Satchel-ish:

    Be&D Ingrid in Red
    Great saturated color, medium thick leather with lots of character, top notch hardware, great braided straps - medium/smallish size which can be so hard to find.
    Shoulder or hand carry.

    Be&D Garbo - Floral Flocking
    Statement bag.....flocking almost looks like suede. Quality hardware - and from the looks of it, you would think the bag is heavy, but it isn't. Love how you can stuff the bag or have very little in it and it looks lovely both ways.
    Shoulder or hand carry.

    Botkier Bombay Satchel in Twilight
    The bag that started it all. The deep color is TDF. Goat leather (I think) - heavy, thick, lots of leather texture....love the stud details...unzips on top w/two zippers.....kewl tassle. Screams quality (IMO). Mostly hand carry - can do shoulder - but not so easy. Probably my heaviest bag.
  9. Just a couple more:

    Satchel or Satchel-ish:

    Bulga Ruched Crescent in Goldrush
    It is soft leather, but not as soft as your typical Bulga - I think treating it to be a metallic does something to the leather. Love the color - it's got copper undertones so it isn't loud. Fun toss around bag. Lightweight. Easy to get in/out of. Mostly hand carry - tight fit for shoulder, but do-able.

    Hayden Harnett Dominique in Cream
    (more Cafe au Lait than cream colored)
    My elderly uncle calls it my feminine attache case! With use, the leather (lamb) has softened to give it a not so boxy look - but hey - it fits tons of stuff and the exterior pockets/organization makes it a superb travel purse or work purse that goes from business to pleasure in a flash for it's girlie good looks. I've come to love this bag more and more as I use it! The lining inside is so cute!!! (oops, didn't take a pic, sorry...let me know if you want to see)....

    So, that's it for now!
    Thanks for taking a look.
    So.....what else do I need???????
    CIMG1988.JPG CIMG1987.JPG CIMG1981.JPG

  10. Samantha -
    Thanks for your post....I have SO ADMIRED YOUR COLLECTION - you have absolutely divine bags....and all of your JC - wow!
  11. Thanks for sahring
  12. Great to see your collection of beautiful bags. I really like that red Be&D. I don't know how you manage without a black bag though!
  13. The leather on the Botkier looks amazing! :nuts:
    Also, I like the unusual shape of the Bulga. Thanks for sharing your collection with us!
  14. i see balenciaga, chanel and vuitton in your collections future..... hehe
  15. Nice collection!