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  1. Hi Everyone:
    Have just been informed by a reliable source that the NY Sale will be March 19-22 and was told that the first and last day of the sale are the most important days. So therefore, I am planning a trip for us to the NY Sale on Saturday, March 22nd. We can leave via the Vamoose bus non-stop to Penn Station/Madison Square. It taks 4 hours and costs $25 each weay. From Penn Station/Madison Square, we can take a can to the sale. Spend all late morning and afternoon at the sale. Leave when it closes and then go to catch the Klimt eXhibit. I am the US Directirce of the Friends of the Klimt atelier in Wien, so you can all come as my guests. Then we can catch the Vamoose bus back to DC letting us off at the Rosslyn Metro station.
    I am still searching for my Tokyo jacket to match my shirt.
    Let me know who wants to go.
    susan von
  2. Hi Susan - It sounds like a wonderful day you've planned, but unfortunately I will not be able to go up for the sale. The Vamoose bus is such a bargain and I've heard good things about it. I'm going to have to google Klimt exhibit to find out all that I'm missing! Have a wonderful day, and I hope others will be able to take you up on this exciting day. Best, Carol
  3. Klimt is an Osterreicher, right? Very cool.
    Have a great time at the Exhibit.
    I will be wishing you very good thoughts on the sale :tup:

  4. Hi All you DC TPFers:
    Carol, sorry you cant make the NYSale trip, I will think about you when I am buying all those 35 Birkins and Llindys on sale! Also, I have tons of Klimt stuff I can loan you, books, etc. from Wien and the Klimt atelier there if you want to see authrentic stuff. Have been working on the Klimt atelier restoration for 10 years now before the Austrian govt wanted to tear the atelier down and bulid condos. The Klimt movie with Malkovich is now out on DVD at Borders if you are interesed.
  5. Hello Elisabeth K,

    Yes, Gustav Klimt is indeed Austrian, born on Linzerstrasse in Wien, one of the foudders of the Secession and the holder of the title as the artist of the world's most expensive paitning, Adele Bloch Bauer I, sold to Amb. Ronald Laudder for 145 Million.
    Best regards.