DC - VA - MD Lets Do It!

  1. I need a really good reason to jump start my diet. How about setting up a date for PFers in the Washington DC metro area to get together? Sept sometime? :smile:
  2. I will be in Washington in beginning August 6 or 7th... :smile:
  3. I am so there! Anytime, any place. I look forward to meeting everyone.
  4. HK - you are hereby invited for dinner at the least, if we can't get a group together that early.:tup:
  5. I might make it at a later time too, it's just a drive;) thanks for inviting carol:smile: I would be delighted to meet you. I'll let you know when I will be in town ;)
  6. Yes bprimus! - what's your schedule like? :yahoo:
  7. I'm flexible as long as I have enough lead time. All I have to do is work it out with the DH.
  8. Great bprimus. Now when I come back online tomorrow morning I hope to see some others signing on. Guten nacht.
  9. I will be in Washington the 6 en 7th maybe even a little longer. We will be picking up my mom&grandmom from the airport.
  10. we'll have to coordinate something with bprimuslevy. PM me with anyone you know who lives around here. I'll send an engraved email invitation.
  11. My dates are firm now Aug 6 and leave either late Aug 7 or early 8
  12. Ack!! How did I miss this? I'm in any day except some weekends ( I do prof dog training events and such)

    Count me in! :yes:
  13. I'm up for a meeting:smile:
  14. I'm here near DC and very flexible - so whenever. Bprimuslevy should be available again in early Sept.
  15. Hi Everyone in the DC area:
    I live in DC and am very familiar with the NY and Va stores, in fact, I have the new DVD of the Ladies Fall Winter 2007/2008 collection. Any one want to get together to look at it? The clothes are very nice this year, but are really just to accent the handbags.
    I have a portable DVD player I can bring so that we can all watch it. My office is in Georgetown, if you would all want to come here at watch it in a conference room.
    Looking forwad to hearing from everyone.