DC, VA, MD Girls!

  1. Hello, I need help!

    I just moved from NJ, to Arlington County, VA. And I need help find a colorist to give me beautiful highlights. I work in DC, Live in VA, and have access to MD as well. I'm a caramel blonde, with about 2 inches of roots showing..ewww!

    Please someone give me a stylist!

    I looked into the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon on Wisconsin, any other suggestions for colorist?
  2. I wish I could help you, but I live more in the Baltimore area. My colorist is awesome, though.

    Good luck! I think the Elizabeth Arden Salon might be a good place to start, as you say.
  3. I live in FL but im in the same boat, I can not find a good colorist anywhere :sad:
  4. I could perhaps suggest someone. My GF gets her hair coloured there. Where in VA do you live? PM me.
  5. Ugh whatever you do not go to Red Door in Tysons (The one across from Hermes). My friends mom got a foot fungus infection thingy from a bad pedicure! They don't clean very well there.

    Anyways I live in the area and I can reccomend some places.
    Salon Daniel in McLean - there are a few more locations, just google it. Request for Daniel himself, he's busy but if you make an appt in advance he can fit you in. Most of my friends go here for their coloring.
    P&R Partners in Tyson's Corner
    Eclips Salon in McLean

    Those are the ones I've heard the best reviews about. We also have all the normal chain places like Bubbles.
  6. The Watergate Salon at the (duh) Watergate has some great colorists. Once I went there for a cut and I met Condoleezza Rice! She gets her hair done there. My friend gets her hair colored at the Watergate about every week and it looks amazing. I'm going to start coloring my hair in a few weeks, and that's where I'm probably going!