DC proves package was delivered, buyer says she didn't receive it??

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  1. What happens if the P.O. misdelivers a package w/DC to someone else's address? Buyer is claiming she did not receive item, although DC tracking states it was delivered on 10/22...What do I do in this case? Buyer did not purchase insurance, item was sent Priority w/ DC.
  2. I purchased something off ebay with insurance & DC. DC says it was delivered but I never got it. I was missing 3 packages that all said they were delivered. I called my post office & they told me we had a new mailman so he didn't know the houses/names yet so I have to deal with packages being delivered to other houses by mistake!! Anyway, there was nothing that was able to be done because DC showed that my package was delivered. I'm afraid that your buyer isn't getting her money back.
  3. I've had this happen to me as well. PO showed delivered, but I never got it. Post Office won't do much except ask the delivery person. I had to file a local police report and a report with the Post Office police on-line.

    As far as your responsibility goes, you're not going to like it if your buyer paid by PayPal. Insurance is for the seller not the buyer. Never, ever send something uninsured unless you can afford to take the hit if it comes up missing. PayPal has specific rules about what how items are sent. If the bag was more than $250 PayPal requires signature upon delivery not just DC. PayPal will find in her favor if this is the case here.

    She could also try a charge back with her credit card if that's how she paid. She would probably need to file a lost or stolen package report on-line with the postal police, but she may well be successful at that as well.

    When this happened to me I didn't want to make a PayPal claim or do a charge back because I was familiar with the seller and didn't want her to get hurt just because she didn't have signature confirmation. I checked with my credit card and found they offered insurance on lost or stolen packages. I made an insurance claim and got my money back. As I said, I had to jump through some hoops and file a couple of reports, but it was basically painless. You could ask if your buyer might have this option. It's not fair for the seller to take the hit when the post office messes up.
  4. I always purchase incurance as the seller, you are responsible for getting the package to the buyer in the condition as it was described, include it in the price of shipping.

    If the Dc # shows delivered, you should be fine...if it required signature confirmation you may have to refund.

    You could start by sending the buyer a nice email telling her that she should go to/or call her local PO and find out what she needs to do on her end, and you will check on your end. Maybe someone will remember something.

    Good luck, let us know how it turns out.
  5. Thank you for all the good advice! It was actually a pair of SPANX pants, so no sig. conf. required. If she goes tthrough her cc company and asks about insurance, isn't that the same as a chargeback against me?
  6. If your buyer makes an insurance claim on her credit card it is NOT a charge back. I made very sure of that when I filed my claim as I didn't want the seller hurt. It's actually a 3rd party insurance company that handles this.

    Her credit card may or may not offer insurance and the details may be different from mine. My card was a Citibank card. It's worth a shot. The service is generally buried in the list of benefits you get when you get the card or can be looked up on line on the issuer's website (probably) so you have to look to see if you're covered.

    I know it saved me 362.00!

    Good luck.

  7. It is the SELLERs responsibility to ensure that the package is received safely by the buyer. You should always insure your package and require signature confimation. DC is not good enough. :nogood:
  8. good to know..thought DC was good enough.