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Jul 29, 2008
City of Angels
My sis and I will be in the east coast for 7 days in June. Our 1st stop will be in NJ to pick up our niece and from NJ, we're thinking of taking public transportation to DC, spend 2 days in DC and then off to NY for 3-4 days. Our niece is only 9 so we won't be doing any nightlife stuff. Any suggestions of where we should stay and do in both DC and NY that are kids friendly? Thanks in advance.


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Feb 14, 2008
Over the Valley & Through the Woods
Amtrak is great! Takes you from NY Penn Station to Union Station in DC in about 3-4 hours for $49/each way if you book in advance.

Or, you could take the bus from NY-DC. Washington Deluxe, Bolt Bus, and a few others. If I'm late booking Amtrak deals, I'll book the Washington Deluxe bus. Very safe, pretty comfortable, free wi-fi, restroom on board for only $40 roundtrip, some other DC-NY buses are $35 roundtrip.

Hotels in DC are mostly centrally located and safe. Anything downtown or with a NW (Northwest DC) address is very likely safe. It depends on your budget and if you prefer boutiques, large hotels, or budget. Check travelocity, expedia, orbitz and to compare the best deals. Lots of families like the Grand Hyatt. Great location, right above a metro station (and Macy's). Plenty of food and shopping in the neighborhood.

As far as things to do in DC, there are plenty. Smithsonian museums are free and very nice. Kids usually love the American History Museum (free) and the National Mall. Just be warned that there's no food near the national mall, eat lunch just before going or pack light snacks and water.

Kids also love the International Spy Museum (about $15, I believe) and the Newseum.

let me know if you have any ?


Nov 21, 2006
If your niece is into American Girl dolls, you could take her to the American Girl store in NY. I think there's an American Girl show in the store that you can get tickets for. There's a restaurant in the store as well. June is a great time. You can take her the central park zoo and then walk around central park. You can also do the ferry tour that takes you to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. But if you want to go inside Lady Liberty, I think you need to buy tickets in advance. ITA Amtrak is a great way to travel b/w DC and NY. It is more expensive but you won't have to worry about traffic. You could also go see Wicked. It's a great Broadway show for adults and kids.


Mar 24, 2010
Many places now D.C.
DC is awesome so so much to do so little time :smile:
Small hotels in Capital Hill area, and great hotels in Dupont Circle is great as well !!
I have been in DC for 2 summers and must tell you being a Florida girl , I was boiling hot 2 years ago and last summer was not as bad.



Dec 29, 2007
DC hotels are cheaper on the weekends

food is pricey in the Museums but they are free, so it's a payoff

remember there is alot of walking in both DC & NY

I have stayed at this Hilton in VA when visting DC:

it was nice, clean, and near the metro and many places to eat

can't help you with NY because when I go I stay outside the city in the area when I am from but you need to take your niece to the American Museum of Natural History my children loved it and so did my dh