DC/MD/VA Ladies....Neiman's Last Call Pre-Sale in progress

  1. at Mazza. Not sure about Tysons. More items to come on Thursday/Friday. SAs will not be doing store checks for other sizes, colors, etc.
  2. i live in Northern Va!

    What and where is MAzza?
  3. Mazza Gallerie is in friendship heights kinda between DC and chevy chase md. its right on wisconsin ave. lots of other great stores right there too...LV, Choo, Tiffany, Barneys.....its a good time!!!

    dc cutie - thanks for the post!:wlae:
  4. WOO HOO!!! thanks for the heads-up! did u see anything good? i think im going after work on thurs.
  5. Arundel Mills in Maryland, also has a Neiman's last call, as well as a Saks outlet.
  6. I REPEAT the Pre Sale I'm referring to isn't at the outlet. It's the Final Last Call at the actual stores not OUTLETS. This sale is taking place at select NMs across the country.
  7. Thanks for the heads up - interesting that they're getting new items on Thurs and Fri.
  8. I saw a bunch of balenciaga pony bags around $600.00
  9. awwwwww I miss Mazza Galerie!! I used to go there during my university days :p

    I think the Neiman Marcus Last Call sale goes from West Coast to East Coast...some people have mentioned that they've already had their Last Call sales...now it's our turn over here!

    Personally I'm looking for a Bbag or a Gerard Darel red patent Charlette bag on a really deep discount...
  10. ^ ohhh gerard darels are nice!! hope you find one for sure.

    the balenciaga sounds like a great deal too. sigh my bank account is looking very sad.
  11. Just confirming that Nieman at Tyson's is also having last call clearance sale. If you don't have time to go, you can also buy on line, they updated the bags every hour or so. I just got my first CHLOE :smile:
  12. I will check out Mazza this week. Thanks!
  13. Any bag reports ladies?
  14. Yes I just went to Mazza Galeria and was disappointed since no bags were out yet. The shopkeeper said the purses are still in their warehouse, it wont be there until very early of tomorrow nite or so. However I suspect that Nieman Marcus would have more bags out by now.
    Btw, has anyone ever bought a purse from VOGUELAND.? Please advise thanks!
  15. I'm sorry I meant to say Nieman Marcus Tyson's COrner