DC/MD/VA, etc. Get Together

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  1. It's been a long time since the last get together so let's catch up! :idea:

    How'z about SATURDAY, FEB 28th, at Tysons Corner at 1 pm.

    There's going to be a beauty event at NM that weekend. If this is a major minus, we can march into March as an alternative.

    Ideas on where to meet and eat????
  2. im there barring any major snowstorms or earthquakes or other natural disasters. cheesecake factory was fun last time. or union grille is always yummy. there is also maggianos and the yummy gourmet food court. i hope lots of people can come!
  3. I'd love to meet everyone, count me in!
  4. I'll try. My son has soccer on Saturday's, but it's possible I could make it. Sounds like fun!
  5. Sounds like fun. I should be able to make it. Hopefully I can convince my DH to babysit.
  6. My huzbent came last time. If SOs, spouses want to come -- we could get a men's table or they can join in, whichever they decide. A men's table would give them a break from the Chanel pitter patter -- a men's support group -- they can weep together!
  7. haha excellent idea! thats like when u are in the mall and there is always a group of men sitting on the bench looking bored and reading the newspaper while their wives shop. by the way judy, your husband was such a good sport to go with you last time!
  8. Sounds great. Count me in as well.
  9. I'm relatively new here and would love to meet fellow Chanel tpfers around the area.
  10. I'll be there with or without DH. Lisadoodle, I'm in Baltimore, too.
  11. Where's Addison Shopper -- calling Toni. . .
  12. She is probably busy with the new little one. I will see if she wants to carpool if she has to bring the little man.
  13. I'm in!
  14. I think I can be there this time!
  15. I hope I'll be able to make it sounds like fun!