DC/MD/VA - Chevy Chase Saks Consolidation Sale meet!

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  1. Hi everyone-
    I should have responded to everyone's PMs, but wanted to make a thread. I will send out a PM on Monday or Tues with info regarding the store opening time and our meeting location.

    A few of you have expressed interest in meeting at the Starbucks (if you're walking toward Saks from the metro, it's on the left hand side across from the gucci, etc strip) and that might be a good idea because it is the early AM. Maybe we could meet there 30 mins before store opening, or if you are meeting us directly at the store, then meet maybe at Saks 10 mins before store opening?

    I am primarily looking for shoes and bags, but could force myself to look at some clothing :smile:

    Looking forward to meeting all of you!
  2. Hmm I missed hearing about this? When does it start?
  3. Woohoo! Looking forward to meeting you guys :woohoo:
  4. yay excited to meet everyone!
  5. If I still want to join the meet up should I PM floridagal???? Or is the Starbucks meet up definite????
  6. ahh i usually don't have class thursday mornings, but this one i do! and i think it's required... i am so sad. i will try to head out to saks around 10 am so hopefully i will be there by 10:30-10:45ish if you girls are all still there. keep an eye out for CLs in 38-38.5 for me, thanks!! how will i know where to find everyone?
  7. Hi everyone!
    You should have received a PM with info about our meeting. We will be meeting before the sale, between 9:30 and 9:45 AM at the Starbucks right nearby (it's on the left hand side of the road). I gave you my handbag info in the PM so you will know how to recognize me :smile:

    Karetotalk, you have my handbag info so you can ID me and I will be in the store..if you'd like, I can give you my ph # but as an FYI, I do not get service in the bottom floor of SFA there (I guess basement level?) with the jeans, juicy, theory, etc.
  8. Also, the sale is supposed to start 1/22, which is THURSDAY.
  9. thanks floridagal, but i just got an email saying my class is cancelled :yahoo: ... i guess it was meant to be for me to come to saks! see you all at starbucks. i'll be using my bright red and silver kate spade tote.

  10. just curious...how long does this consolidation sale at saks chevy chase last for?