DC, MD and VA ranked amongst the best areas for women economically

  1. http://www.iwpr.org/pdf/LocalDCMDVA_release.pdf

    In DC women have the smallest wage gap compared to men than other places in the country.
    DC, MD and Mass. Were the best places for women economically and Arkansas, Louisiana and West VA were the worst.
    Black women in DC and MD have the highest income compared to Black women in other states
    VA had the lowest poverty rate of the local jurisdictions at 10% of women living in poverty and ranked 9th in the nation
    MD ranked 12th in the nation at 10.1% poverty
    DC was nearly the worst at 49th and 17.8% poverty
  2. Did VA or DC have the lowest poverty rate? Maybe the recent min wage increase will better things. Living in DC, I know how expensive things are.

    Let's here it for the ladies in DC, MD, and VA!
  3. Lucky girls!!!
  4. WOO HOO:party: LOL!
  5. In DC 17.8% of women live in poverty vs. VA at 10% and MD at 10.1%
    DC has one of the worst rates in the country ranking 49th out of all the states (albeit DC is not a state). So if you are a DC resident and are doing well you are doing very well compared to the rest of the US but if you are doing bad in DC you are doing really bad. The gap btwn rich and poor here is very wide.
  6. That's pretty interesting information. Wow.

    And blkladylaw, I LOOOOOVE your avatar. He is one of my celebrity crushes. Gotta love Bill!:love:
  7. Yay go MD/DC! :biggrin:D
  8. whoohoo :party: that's great info to hear.
  9. Then I guess this means I should move out of the area huh? I guess I'm getting paid as good as it gets.
  10. :choochoo: Yay, Virginia!!!
  11. That makes sense - but the cynic in me has to point out that this is probably because of all the government jobs. I still feel like in many fields, i.e. the legal field women don't get what they should in terms of salary and the jobs are just set up in a way that discourages women from staying in them - at least as far as the private practice of law is concerned. Not only do I not see alot of women partners in law firms but also not alot of minorities.
  12. I wonder where CA falls?
  13. See! Family and friends ask me all the time why I'm not planning to move out of the VA/DC/MD area, and this is the key reason!

    Way to go ladies in our area!!
  14. :yahoo: :yahoo: I love living in the "Diamond" that's the bling name I give to the District:smile: I make very good money, love my co-op, walking around Georgetown, Mazza Gallerie, Chinatown. Walks & runs on the National Mall. It's a great place to be - shopping is get MUCH, MUCH better.

    Any ladies thinking of moving out this way, I have a word of advice: If you have a secrity clearance your chances of landing a job will improve by at least 30%. It's like your meal ticket.
  15. I agree about the assessment of the legal field here and govt. and govt contractor jobs do skew this area's results. We have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and employers here constantly complain they have more jobs than qualified people. Because of that we have a huge number of highly skilled H1B Visa employees in this area from other countries. This area also has one of the largest graduate educated populations in the country.

    On law, the whole elitist law firm culture was a turn off to me and I just didnt feel like I fit in there. That is the main reason I went in-house right out of school and avoided firms like the plague. It is better at companies for female lawyers (though there are still few female GCs just as there are few female partners) and actually at the three companies I have worked at the majority of the legal department has been female lawyers. Companies tend to have better diversity records (not just paper policies but actions and initiatives and exec bonuses tied to diversity; more companies are starting to force firms to do better or are threatening to fire the firms) and make it easier for you to have a family and excel. I interviewed at Accenture once and the majority of the employees there telecommute half the week and they allow reduced schedules during the mommy years and really seem to go out of their way to help women stay with the company and continue to progess. I was really impressed and the women I met there are very happy.

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