DC/MD and VA Girls

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  1. I don't remember ever seeing a meeting with my local area girls, but if there has been one I am sorry I missed it.. and Can we do another one..
    Any of you ladies interested in doing a nice weekend lunch with some light shopping/browsing ??
    Let me know, I would sure like to see you all..:wtf:
  2. I would definitely be up for it, I live in Virginia Beach, but I drive to Richmond and Tyson's area pretty frequently.
  3. We did have one last year that Suli had put together, and we met over at Chevy Chase, MD. We had alot of fun.

    Another one would be great, and I would love to meet up with everyone.
  4. Sounds good to me too!
  5. I would be interested!
  6. i would be interested too as I just moved into the Arlington, VA area :smile:
  7. oo sounds like alot of fun let me know and id go too!!:smile:
  8. Please let me know if it's a go and I'll try to attend. I'm in Martinsburg, WV, about 1.5-2 hrs. away from the D.C. metro area. Would love to meet my "neighbors."
  9. are there any shopping at all in WV? I am going to visit there soon and I was told that there is no shopping in WV :sad:
    Btw, I have never been to WV... I apologize for the stupid question
  10. There is nothing here, absolutely zip, zilch, zero. The Blue Ridge Outlet shops all moved to the Prime Outlet in Hagerstown. Even DKNY left there. Nice restaurants are also slim pickings. For Thai food, we go to Winchester. Although scenic, development is happening sans zoning. It's sad. Visit Shepherdstown, if you get a chance. A college town, very small has some interesting shops for about 3 blks, both sides of the street. Charming. The C&O canal along the Potomac is nice. But shopping, you can leave home without your cc.
  11. I live outside of D.C. !! Is this just for Chanel girls?? Or can a fellow LV lover come too?
  12. sure we would love to have you.. you belong to the forum-- come on down.. some of us love LV as well:wlae::wlae:
  13. addisonshopper...I love that emoticon HAHAHHA so cute!!!!!!!

    and YAY, I know anothe fellow TPFer who doesnt post as much yet but she'd love to come for sure too...

    it would be cool to meet everyone :smile:
  14. Ok, I waited a few days for all the people in our area would have a chance tp browse the forum and see our post.. So you ladies ready to set a time.date.place..
    Also send me some ideas- either on this thread or PM me..
    I was thinking maybe an afternoon on winsconsin ave near MAZZA GALLERY- Lots of new shops there to browse and good place to have a nice brunch-- or we could me at Anne Arundel Mills and browse the OUTLETS- and have a nice lunch at one of the shops there.
    Let me know
  15. Arundel Mills would be a great meeting area.