DC/MD and VA Girls- poll where to mee


Where and when Do we want to meet

  1. Mazza Galleria

  2. Tysons Corner

  3. Anne Arundel Mills

  4. july 28

  5. aug 18

  6. aug 25

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ladies, I choose these dates because we have such short notice.. I have a lot going on for the remainder of the summer and I did not want to set up the poll and then miss the meeting...
    So lets see if this works.. lol
  2. crap mods can someone edit the poll
    so that people can check multiple answers
    i thought i checked that- so they could pick the date and place.. i can not get back in to edit the poll.
  3. can we do it july 28th at mazza
  4. I voted for location on the poll. I vote for Aug. 18th for the date.
  5. When should we consider closing the poll, posting the location and date chosen. Oh, we need to set a time and a place where we can all meet at the location. I'm not computer savvy, but if there is a way to get this moved up to the original poll where we don't have to hunt for this, it would be a good idea. Any helpers about?
  6. I can do Mazza or Tysons. Aug 18th and 25th might be tough for me but I'll check back to see what the latest is. Otherwise, I'm actually free tomorrow July 28th but that's prob too late!