DC area folks: do you have a favorite SA at Tysons NM?

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  1. I'm a total newbie, so I need someone who will be gentle and kind :smile:

    In the deals section, someone posted that she thought that she might have seen a courier in the presale section at the Tysons NM. I'm pretty sure that I'd like a courier as my first b bag, and I want to call first to see if they have it (and even better if it's on sale), as Tysons isn't very convenient for me.

    So if anyone can give me a "referral," it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Ask for Carey (men) or Darlene.:tup:
  3. Welcome! Seems I have heard good things about Lisa Hamlin.
  4. Although I wouldn't recommend any of them...

    I don't think they have a Courier style in there...unless the Flat messenger went on sale. I go there so often and have never seen the Courier in months.
  5. ^ I agree...if you have to go through a Tyson's SA, I recommend Carey.
  6. I've worked with 2 SAs at Tysons, namely Darlene and Nga. I found Nga to be a bit more warm and helpful, whether or not you're buying something very spendy. I've found, though, that I know a lot more about Bbags than said SAs do, but, c'mon, how could you not as a member of this forum?! :graucho:
  7. That's too bad! From reading old posts, you definitely know Tysons NM, so you're probably right. :sad:

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  8. I bought my most recent bag from an SA named Marie Christine. She was quite nice. There's also a new SA there named Kerry (or was it Kelly) who was very nice, but didn't know much about bags. Not sure this helps you much....
  9. Barbara Taubersmith is fantastic - she's the Marc Jacobs specialist but knows her BV extremely well and is very very helpful and friendly.

    I was just there this weekend, I saw a ton of Whistle bags but did not see any Courier ( I also wasn't looking for them).

    Good luck!
  10. I agree about Nga.. she was extremely helpful to me and I try to go to her if I can.