Dbty question

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  1. I have a 7 stone(pretty good size)diamond anniversary band...Marquise cut. Last year for my birthday my husband reset my engagement ring into a 3 stone ring I wear in the middle of two smaller diamond bands. I really don't think I'll wear the Marquise band that much as is anymore. My first thought was to have the ring reset in a herringbone pattern(a friend saw a ring like this and said it was beautiful), but then I still have a ring. All day long I've had in my head that a dbty necklace would look really good with Marquise cut. What do you think? Have you ever seen one or do you have any other ideas? Thanks for any help. I think the total weight of the 7 stones is 1 1/2 carat.
  2. That would be a good idea too. I could even use all 7 stones and make more of a flower. Thanks for the pic. All ideas are appreciated, it gives me more to take to the jeweler. Thanks.
  3. I really like that Tiffany necklace!! Great idea ahertz!!!
  4. I want to build on the idea of a DBTY necklace. How do you like to have the marquise melees dangling from round diamond melees, which are placed in the front and spaced closely together (e.g., 0.75" spacing)? For each set of round and marquise string, you can connect the two melees by means of round rings, one or two or three. You can have equal length strings or graduated withthe center string being the longest (most number of rings).

    BTW, what are the dimensions of the marquise melees? 2mmx4mm?